Netherlands based tech company EnginX has developed groundbreaking software to power a new generation of engineering. Here we learn how the platform is helping engineers all over the world work smarter, innovate faster and share their wisdom.

Engineers are the cornerstones of manufacturing and energy businesses all over the world, but outdated methods of working are reducing their input and limiting their ability to innovate. Tied to large outdated Excel sheets full of complex calculations, paper catalogues and various data sources, the working processes of engineers are slow, error prone and locked in the past. They’re also usually the only employee with expert knowledge in their areas, which creates additional challenges when they go on leave, perform handovers or retire.

Another major challenge for engineers is that of the energy transition. Using conventional approaches makes rapid modelling extremely difficult, leaving businesses grappling with designing the transition without the appropriate tools, knowledge or focus. For example, a company that manufactures machines that are currently powered by gas knows they have to go green and wants to make the switch, but they don’t know where to start or understand the implications for their existing set-up.

Netherlands based tech company EnginX has created a groundbreaking new ecosystem that’s helping engineers all over the world solve all of these problems, as well as embrace Industry 4.0, redefine the way they work and share their knowledge. 

EnginX’s state of the art software focuses on early phase engineering, notably in the food manufacturing and energy sectors. Developed by a team of engineers with a profound understanding of physics, calculations and engineering components, the system combines its creators’ extensive knowledge and experience with elements of AI to completely transform engineering as we know it. 

The platform features a powerful API and a vast database using smart calculations, giving engineers access to a rich treasure trove of tools and parts from numerous manufacturers and data sources. This revolutionary way of working allows them to save huge amounts of time, streamline processes and spend more time on intellectually rewarding ideas that drive innovation. 

CEO Saskia Eijkelhof may have only been in her role since June 2023, but she’s already made a huge impact. The accomplished Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, business coach and mentor has an impressive B2B background in marketing and business development with big names like DHL, Panasonic and IDEX, along with an innate ability to spot new opportunities.

Saskia met Thomas Bronzwaer, one of the founders of EnginX, in early 2022 and was quickly offered the position of CCO. As accomplished engineers, Thomas and his team had developed their product based on extensive experience and industry knowledge, but they needed someone to take responsibility for pushing the brand forward. Saskia’s enthusiasm and marketing acumen made her the perfect choice, and just over a year later she had taken the role of CEO. The company is moving fast and bringing in new people across multiple sites with a strategic HR plan, alongside extensive plans to develop new software and incorporate more AI into the offering. 

An ally for innovation

With EnginX by their side, engineers are able to find the parts they need 10x faster by entering their technical requirements into a data ecosystem that includes thousands of different parts. They can seamlessly design, simulate and build engineering systems to ensure the right components are chosen first time, significantly reducing time, costs and stress. 

They can transition to more green energy sources with the right know-how and tools, as well as being given the opportunity to capture important aspects of their knowledge and share their wealth of experience with future generations of engineers. And with everything stored in one place, they can take leave and retire without having to worry about what their absence means for the rest of the business. 

One platform, countless opportunities

The EnginX product has been developed so it can be effortlessly deployed across a huge variety of different companies, all with their own individual needs. As Saskia explains, “Like cars, our software and our customers may look different from the outside, but when you look under the bonnet it’s all very similar. There are routine tasks that need to be performed in all kinds of businesses, particularly when it comes to food and energy. For example, the manufacturers of machines that process potatoes all have machinery that can  clean, chop and package — and that all requires similar processes and calculations. Our experience has enabled us to develop a system which can be adapted to suit a huge range of businesses, even if they look totally different on the outside.”

EnginX is the perfect solution for organisations that want to move into the new technological era, but don’t know where to start or who to ask. “Companies know they need to embrace new technologies, but they’re not sure how. Instead of having to hire new tech teams or pay consultancy fees, we’ve developed something which is highly scalable and adaptable, so they can move forward without the barriers” Saskia explained. 

Valuing experience 

The platform’s focus on giving engineers the opportunity to share their knowledge has also played an important part in changing attitudes. Instead of making them feel pushed out and threatened by advancing technologies, EnginX recognises engineers as experts, which in turn makes them more open minded and willing to adapt. Users are able to see the benefits the software offers for their businesses and their own roles within them, recognising that it’s less about taking people’s jobs away and more about making them more enjoyable and rewarding. Even those who may have been initially fearful that their roles are being phased out by robots and computers are happy to share their ideas and provide information needed to feed the algorithm. As Saskia said, “A computer can’t ever completely replace the role of a human, but it can eliminate the more mundane and time consuming tasks, giving a broader perspective and letting machines do the things they’re good at, while humans get to be more human.”

Indeed, humanity is a key element of the EnginX culture. It’s a non-hierarchical, horizontal structure where everyone has a voice and is celebrated for their own unique skills and experiences. The diverse team, which is spread over four continents, proudly includes members of the LGBTQ+ community and neurodiverse employees, not to mention an uncharacteristically positive gender balance for the tech industry. The fact that the company is led by a woman is no mean feat in such a white male dominated sector, but what’s even more impressive is its attitudes towards family and flexible working. 

When Saskia was interviewed for her CCO role she was pregnant, which would have been a considerable barrier in many organisations — even those that claim to be progressive. Instead, the board, who were keen to express their interest in her mind and experience rather than her personal circumstances, were unphased by the impending new arrival. Now a year old, Saskia’s daughter regularly joins her at work and is seen as a welcome addition to the EnginX family. It’s refreshing in any industry, but particularly in IT. As Saskia says, “The changes we make are not just about technology, but about people and how we support them.”

A gateway to unimagined possibilities

EnginX brings the manufacturing, software and science worlds together to deliver scientifically sound solutions in a changing world. The fact that the company is based on the Radboud University campus, and a spin-off of the University itself, is testament to its reputation and adds kudos. EnginX is fast becoming a well respected thought leader, and the world can expect to hear much more of the EnginX name as industries continue to evolve and adopt new technologies. 

Speaking of EnginX’s inclusion in the Business Worldwide Top 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch list, Saskia said, “We are extremely grateful to be nominated. There’s a big change coming and we are at the forefront. Within the next decade IoT and AI will be prevalent, and we are helping businesses embrace change, not fear it. The fact that we have made the list shows the world is ready, and so are we. EnginX is your partner for the future of food and energy!”

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