Exos, a leading performance coaching company, has unveiled the groundbreaking results of its four-day workweek pilot, conducted in collaboration with the Wharton School of Business. The pilot, aimed at redefining workplace dynamics, demonstrates a revolutionary approach to balancing business effectiveness with employee well-being.

Implemented alongside the Readiness Culture Code, a tool designed to reshape employee perspectives on work, the pilot introduced intentional scheduling, meeting audits, and daily microbreaks. These measures aimed to enhance workplace effectiveness while prioritizing employee recovery and flexibility.

Key findings from the pilot include a remarkable 211% year-over-year growth in Exos’ sales pipeline, indicating that employee well-being need not be sacrificed to achieve business objectives. Moreover, flexible scheduling led to a 34-point reduction in employee burnout, with turnover rates dropping from 47% to 29% over the course of a year.

Exos’ CEO, Sarah Robb O’Hagan, emphasized the importance of nurturing a pro-recovery culture in today’s workforce. She underscored the need for corporations to adapt to evolving workplace demands while ensuring sustained employee performance and well-being.

Notably, manager appraisals reflected consistent performance levels before and after the pilot, providing a holistic view of employee productivity. In addition, Exos introduced the Readiness Index, an extension of their Employee Pulse Survey, to monitor employees’ readiness and well-being.

Adam Grant, organizational psychologist and Wharton School professor, praised Exos for its willingness to explore innovative approaches and adapt based on results, highlighting the company’s commitment to building a learning organization.

Exos’ four-day workweek pilot exemplifies the transformative impact of prioritizing employee recovery and flexibility. The study’s success offers a model for organizations seeking to address similar challenges while achieving business success and enhancing employee well-being.For further insights into the Readiness Culture Code and its impact, visit http://teamexos.com/readiness