Amidst spectacular Mediterranean & Arabian Gulf architecture within a secluded haven of luxurious tranquillity, Prime Lands Real Estate sets the scene for the ultimate in construction and architectural craftsmanship. Here Eng. Fadi Kreiker, CEO, proudly showcases the phenomenal success of his Group.

Prime Land Real Estate is an award winning real estate Development Company based in Doha, Qatar. Launched in 2006 as part of the Prime Lands Group, the company has enjoyed unrivalled success and continues to go from strength to strength..

The Qatar National Vision 2030 is a promise to its people to strive for and to maintain unprecedented levels of community, commerce and development through the construction of modern and practical architecture. This is a vision that Prime Real Estate has taken to heart. Their embracing of these ideals has seen them win many awards and become highly respected throughout the real estate sector.

We talk to Eng. Fadi Kreiker, CEO of Prime Lands Group to learn more about the about the awards and accolades  his organisation has received for outstanding real estate design and architecture, the strategies implemented for success and how these have benefited both clients and employees.

What was, and indeed is, the aim and philosophy behind Prime Land Real Estate?

Our main aim was to create a portfolio of architecture that not only benefitted the Prime Lands, but, more importantly, the communities and workforces for which they were designed. The Qatar National Vision 2030 set out a set of strategic goals specifically created to improve the quality of life in our country; this is our inspiration.

The Real Estate branch of our group has from its inception been committed to significantly contribute to the enrichment of our community and the general quality of life for the population of our country. We achieve this through developing urban projects that are modern, innovative and accessible, and that speak of the traditions and customs that not only make our country so unique, but are particularly close to our hearts.  

Prime Lands Real Estate has received a number of impressive awards and accolades over the years. Can you elaborate on those awards and the areas in which Prime Lands Real Estate has been recognised?

Recently on 2020 saw the company win not one, but FIVE significant awards at the Property Awards 2020. The first was for Best Real Estate Development.  Our award winning project was the modern and unique office building development the fantastic Prime Square.

The second award was given for Best Architectural Residential Design, and was awarded in response to our work on the AL Rayyan Village Complex.

And three ISO Certificates

ISO14001 (Environment Management), ISO9001 (Quality Management), OHSAS1800 (Safety Management).

Both of these awards are significant as not only do they demonstrate our plethora of skills and expertise, but they also give us an international recognition. Our high level of sustainable real estate and unique designs are now visible on the international stage, which is a huge step forward in the company’s achievement story.

We were also nominated for Best Real Estate Development Project in the Arabian Peninsula as part of the Arab Real Estate Awards 2020.

To be recognised by the Arab Real Estate Awards holds immense significance as a notable award, which rewards outstanding achievements in the field of real estate development, architecture, and interior designs for residential and commercial properties? The overall focus for projects nominated for this category of awards centres on sustainability, accessibility, creativity and excellent living standards. This being the case, to be recognised by the Arab Real Estate Awards showcases the fact that our organisation aligns with the high quality of workmanship expected, and this is indeed a tremendous itself.  

The unequivocal success of Prime Lands Group correlates to the ‘Prime Lands – Great Place to Work’ workplace culture adopted in 2018. Could you explain more about the rationale behind this new strategy and give examples of how it has benefited your organisation?

We strongly believe that in order to harness the best creativity and innovative potential in our staff, our managerial focus should be on coaching and encouraging rather than commanding.

As a dynamic multi-disciplinary Group and investment companies, the need to continually adapt and innovate has been a driving factor in our expansion. Prime Lands Group has enjoyed success as a market leader in development for many years and we’re now forging ahead in the growing field of investment. In 2018 we established our global division and last year witnessed a growth rate of over 200 per cent.

How have you implemented the principles of this strategy within the Prime Lands Group?

Firstly, we’ve transformed our management culture to one which enables our staff to have greater levels of power and autonomy. One of our managerial targets is to promote ‘peripheral decisional autonomy,’ which actively encourages staff to make decisions based on their informed judgment.  This is primarily achieved by coaching, motivating and supporting employees, rewarding them on merit and therefore incentivising them as well as boosting self-esteem and confidence.

Secondly, our principles are based around collaborative teamwork with respect and responsibility being two important ‘watch words’ throughout the Group. All employees must show respect for others, irrespective of hierarchy, at all times and similarly everyone must take responsibility for decision making. This approach is endorsed through the provision of a high level of training for all.

The new ‘Prime Lands – Great Place to Work’ philosophy has distinct advantages for the organisation.  How have the employees personally benefited?

Any workplace culture with respect, responsibility and equality at its core automatically results in a positive environment for its employees.  At Prime Lands Group we recognise the importance of making all employees feel valued and that their contribution makes a real difference. We’ve found that employees are happiest when working in an environment which fosters respect, improvement and career development. Wellbeing is improved, morale is boosted and greater self-reliance  and independence is achieved.

As a simple but effective method of improving wellbeing across the Group, we encourage people to smile. A friendly and genuine smile is contagious, it is the identity of Prime Lands Group and the concept of the company being a great place to work.

In addition, we offer our employees an enviable package of workplace benefits, including gym membership, fruit and drinks, maternity and paternity leave, childcare benefits as well as modern, state of the art offices and working conditions.  A healthy work-life balance ensures a very low staff turnover and this is also reflected in our ability to attract and retain a high calibre talent base.

Prime Lands Group is also dedicated to furthering its corporate responsibility through environmental sustainability initiatives. The Group relies on 75 per cent green renewable energy to power its sites and has invested in technology to reduce CO2 emissions and water consumption.

Prime Lands Group has certainly set itself an exceptionally high benchmark in terms of both growth and success. How do you see the future of the Group panning out and are there any specific projects on the immediate horizon?

It’s been an exciting period of growth for Prime Lands Group and one which we believe will continue throughout this new decade. Naturally, I’m looking forward to steering sustainable growth, consistent earnings and cash flow generation which creates long term value for our shareholders, but I’m also delighted to announce that we’ve been granted the go ahead to market a new development area and open a new investment model.

Prime Lands Group has not only established itself as a dynamic, progressive enterprise, but one of the leading privately-owned Groups within the alliance participatory countries within the Gulf Cooperation Council. 

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