In a significant leap forward for automation technology, LokiBots has unveiled its latest innovation: the Text-to-Actions feature. This cutting-edge development promises to enhance both customer and employee experiences through seamless conversational automation, marking a new chapter for the Milpitas, California-based company.

LokiBots has been at the forefront of conversational automation solutions for the past three years. Their zero-code, cloud-native AI solutions can be deployed in under five minutes, offering unparalleled efficiency and simplicity. Recently, they introduced Conversational RPA, also known as Agentic Process Automation (APA), which allows users to execute text-to-actions without any coding. This innovation removes the need for traditional drag-and-drop automation flows, simplifying the process dramatically.

One of the standout aspects of LokiBots’ new solution is its support for Conversational Doc AI. Unlike conventional OCR methods, this non-OCR solution can parse data from unstructured documents—such as invoices, identity documents, bank mandates, and insurance forms—using plain English. This capability makes it easier to build and maintain compared to traditional Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions, which are prevalent in enterprises worldwide.

The rise of Large Language Models (LLMs) has significantly impacted the automation landscape. While traditional RPA has seen exponential growth and valuations reaching billions, LLMs have enabled agents to automate repetitive tasks more effectively. Experts have long predicted that RPA would eventually be supplanted by more comprehensive automation solutions like those offered by LokiBots. Built on AI-native platforms and powered by LLMs, LokiBots provides a unified solution to replace RPA, chatbots, Doc AI, and Gen AI applications within the IT landscape.

LokiBots’ platform empowers users to create software bots that automate repetitive computer tasks, conversations, and related actions. This not only enhances customer and employee self-service and support but also streamlines back-office and front-office functions, simplifying workplace automation. With a growing roster of over 65 B2B customers, including several enterprise clients, LokiBots is rapidly establishing itself as a leader in the automation industry.

By delivering a solution that is easier to implement and maintain, LokiBots is setting a new standard in the field of automation. Their innovative approach ensures that businesses can quickly adapt to evolving technological needs, ultimately driving greater efficiency and productivity across various sectors. As LokiBots continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI and automation, the future looks promising for companies looking to enhance their operational capabilities.