At the age of just 36, Emmanuel Flaam and his company Netalux have gained an impressive reputation for innovation. Now named the ‘Most Innovative CEO in Laser Cleaning Business’ by Business Worldwide Magazine, he shares his success so far. 

Emmanuel Flaam’s journey at the helm of Netalux is not only a tale of technological advancement, but also one of environmental stewardship and visionary leadership, marked by an unwavering commitment to preserving the environment. He has forged a path that combines technological prowess with sustainability, and a vision that extends beyond mere business success to drive positive change in the industry and beyond.

Sustainable Innovation lies at the Core of Netalux

Cleaning presents a multifaceted challenge for businesses all over the world. Keeping infrastructure and tools clean and presentable has become infinitely more complex in recent years,  requiring innovative solutions to address environmental concerns, meet evolving regulatory standards, and adapt to the demands of diverse industries.

Traditional industrial cleaning often involves the use of harsh chemicals, solvents, and enormous amounts of sweet water. These substances can contaminate soil, waterways, and groundwater if not properly disposed of, leading to pollution and potential harm to ecosystems and wildlife. Many industrial cleaning processes also require significant energy inputs, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and exacerbating climate change. It’s also an industry that generates huge amounts of waste, whilst also posing health and safety risks to workers through exposure to toxic fumes, skin irritation, and the risk of accidents or injuries. 

Entrepreneur and innovator Emmanuel Flaam stepped up to the challenge, co-founding the world’s first dedicated laser cleaning contractor, Netalux  in 2017. The company started small, spending the first two years on site with a hand held device to gain a deep understanding of the technology and its possibilities – and limitations. 

The team started from scratch, developing their first laser cleaning machine – the Needle 100 – to rave reviews. The product was so well received that it immediately won a Red Dot Award for its smart and distinctive industrial design. 

Since then it’s been a journey of discovery, working closely with customers to understand their needs and ensure continuous improvements. Netalux takes the lead in research and development, constantly evolving its technologies for even greater efficiencies and quality. 

At the heart of Netalux’s success lies a commitment to sustainable innovation. The company has pioneered laser cleaning technologies that prioritise environmental health alongside operational efficiency. By emphasising sustainability, Netalux has not only differentiated itself in the market but also set new standards for environmental responsibility within the industry.

Expanding the Vision for Global Leadership

Flaam envisions a future where Netalux’s technologies play a central role in sustainable industrial practices worldwide. From heritage conservation to e-mobility, he sees the applications of laser cleaning technology as vast and transformative. His leadership is characterised by a commitment to driving positive change and making a meaningful impact on a global scale.

Netalux’s Pioneering Projects and Technologies

Netalux has embarked on several flagship projects that showcase the versatility and impact of its laser cleaning technologies. Whether it’s restoring historic monuments or maintaining infrastructure in the petrochemical sector, Netalux’s solutions offer a safer, more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cleaning methods, without any compromise on quality. These projects not only demonstrate the efficacy of laser cleaning technology but also highlight its potential to revolutionise industries across the board.

The Industry and Environmental Impact

Beyond individual projects, Netalux is driving change within the laser cleaning industry itself. By reducing the need for hazardous chemicals, lowering water and electricity usage, and decreasing waste, Netalux’s commitment to environmental preservation not only benefits the planet but also enhances worker safety and well-being of operators.

Global Reach and Comprehensive Training

Netalux operates globally, serving clients across a diverse array of sectors, from emerging startups to established SMEs and multinational corporations. From the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries to automotive, aerospace, and food sectors, the applications of laser cleaning technology are remarkably versatile.

Drawing upon its extensive experience as contractors, Netalux not only develops award-winning laser machines but also offers comprehensive training through the Netalux Academy. It also provides expert guidance on selecting and installing the most suitable solutions for its clients. 

Netalux’s approach begins with a thorough analysis of its clients’ specific needs, challenges, products, and processes. Based on this assessment, the team offers the solutions the customer needs to fit seamlessly. 

Looking Ahead: The Promise of Netalux and Laser Cleaning Technology

As Flaam looks to the future, the potential for both Netalux and the laser cleaning industry is huge. With ongoing research and development, Netalux is poised to introduce even more innovative solutions that promise further efficiency gains and environmental benefits. Emmanuel Flaam’s journey with Netalux is a testament to the power of visionary leadership combined with a commitment to innovation and sustainability. As Flaam and his team continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the laser cleaning industry, their collective efforts define the future of Netalux and hold the promise of a cleaner, more sustainable world. To find out more, visit .