Private jets are now widely regarded as the safest way to fly in the Covid era. CEO of MJets Natthapatr Sibunruang explains why it’s also more cost effective than many may think. 

How would you explain the experience of flying with a private jet? And what is the key to your success? 

Beyond the luxury that our clients come to expect, it’s all about saving time. The client has an added peace with a well-designed, personal experience that only comes from flying privately.  

Forget about long lines and crowded airports . When you fly in a private jet, you arrive about fifteen minutes to thirty minutes before your scheduled time for a domestic flight and an international flight respectively. It’s that easy. Sometimes, you can even drive your car up to the aircraft. Since most of these planes are small, they can land at more convenient spots closer to the client’s destination, making the trip even shorter and smoother. This seamless journey eliminates the need for airport transfers, connecting flights and lengthy layovers, saving even more time and – potentially – money.

Need to travel in a couple of hours? No problem, your private jet will be waiting for you with everything ready. And if you’re stuck in traffic, don’t worry, it won’t take off without you. Bad weather isn’t even a concern, since this kind of plane can change the flight route faster than usual and find safe alternatives for landing. And a big surprise to many is that it is not as unaffordable as they would expect. 

Have people’s perspectives towards the private jet changed over time?

People often think that, despite the many perks and conveniences, the cost of flying private will be too high for them. This market used to be more geared towards the very  well-off, and it’s often portrayed in the media as a luxury that only celebrities and multi-millionaire tycoons can afford.  However, private jets can actually help business people and families manage their time and travel money very cost efficiently. Particularly since the dawn of the Covid era, more and more people are starting to see chartering a private jet as the best way to fly safely. 

So the COVID-19 outbreak has seen the arrival of new customers?

As business travel remains limited in this period, a growing number of our current clients choose private jets because they’re willing to pay a premium to ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones. At MJets, client safety is our biggest priority, so, we are taking exceptional precautions. For example, we treat all our aircraft with medical-grade disinfection processes in line with industry best practices applied with our air ambulance. That’s why people trust and rely on us. 

We also have clients who are looking for domestic flights, presenting an opportunity for newcomers with health and safety concerns to travel by private jet.  Further than that we are providing a lot more freedom and flexibility, enabling clients to find the perfect option according to their specific needs like repatriation, Air Ambulance or a special mission.

How do you see the future of the private jet industry?

While the future of travel is still uncertain, private jets offer great promise for safe travel. We anticipate seeing positive effects across the industry as a result of the safety initiatives private aviation companies have implemented to ensure peace of mind for travellers. As more travellers focus on their health and safety, it’s only natural that they will prefer to fly privately. 

Also, it’s a real privilege to be crowned ‘Best Private Jet Charter Services Company – Asia by Business Worldwide. It is recognition of our team’s hard work, especially during this hard time, to ensure the seamless and safe operation of each flight to the highest standards possible. As a travel solution provider, I believe that the level of detail our company provides will be game changing.  

What are MJets’ strengths that set you apart from the competition?

MJets is a 1-stop shop service company which provides seamless in-house service from charter flight to dedicated private terminals or FBO’s (Fixed-Base Operators). Named as the best FBO in the Asia Pacific for five consecutive years, our exclusive terminals offer fast-track services that allow passengers to quickly go through all the airport formalities such as baggage handling, permits, customs and immigration procedures. Our terminals also have private executive lounges where clients can enjoy VIP services such as feature meeting rooms. 

What else might people not know about flying privately with MJets?

Flying private depends on the client profile. Apart from the luxury, we are very customer-focused and offer tailored solutions that fit each individual passenger’s needs.  We have various aircraft sizes to suit different budgets and provide travel plans in order to make each journey in utmost cost efficiency. 

We also have an air ambulance service that is unique and, while not as luxurious as our other private jets, it genuinely can mean the difference between life and death.