FirmTech specialises in ground-breaking, wearable health tech for men. Here we look at how it works, and why it’s so important for all men who want to maintain their erectile fitness or have Erectile Dysfunction (ED). 

According to the International Journal of Impotence Research, the worldwide prevalence of ED is predicted to reach more than 320 million men by 2025. By the age of 50, almost half of men report ED, and that figure increases by 10% every decade thereafter. 

ED, performance anxiety, and premature ejaculation seriously impact men and their partners’ mental health and overall enjoyment of life. Depression, anxiety and low self-esteem are common, which in turn interferes with sexual desire to create a vicious cycle.  Partners feel conflicted, undesired and suspicious of being cheated on.  Research shows that those who experience ED find it hard to talk about their problem due a sense of shame or stigma, perpetuating communication problems in relationships. As a result, actual ED rates may be much higher than what is actually reported. 

E.D is intrinsically linked to overall health

In a 2004 study of eight countries, the USA had the highest rates of self-reported ED, while Spain had the lowest. Diet and lifestyle have a huge effect on the condition, yet few men recognise the connection and little is being done about it. According to some experts, a Mediterranean diet can help with overall health and therefore, erectile health.

Men who experience erectile issues tend to shy away from consulting a doctor, choosing instead to go online and discreetly buy little blue, yellow and white pills. For younger men who are in good health this doesn’t necessarily pose a problem, but older men with underlying health conditions – particularly those requiring prescription medication for diabetes, hypertension and depression – can be putting themselves at risk. ED commonly precedes the manifestation of heart attacks, strokes and significantly elevated blood sugar. Medications designed to aid erections can sometimes cause serious side effects, such as erections that don’t go away (priapism), vision and hearing problems, headaches, and heart issues. 

FirmTech is on a mission to change things for the better. Founded by Elliot Justin MD, FirmTech specialises in helping men maintain their sexual wellness or to regain control in the event of ED through wearable devices. They began with a uniquely designed ring, which helps men maintain strong but safe erections. While most other erection rings are made from uncomfortable, restrictive plastic, FirmTech’s Performance Ring is made from elastomer for superior comfort and ease of use. In a study, 95% of the subjects reported better and longer lasting erections and more than 50% better orgasms. Their partners liked it, too.

Following the success of the Performance Ring,  Firmtech went on to develop the very latest in health technology.

Introducing the Tech Ring

In July 2022, the company launched The Tech Ring (FTR) – the world’s first ever tracker for erectile health.  The device is a breakthrough in health technology; not only enhancing pleasure but also tracking the vital signs of erectile health. It’s a uniquely comfortable erection ring embedded with smart sensor technology which counts the number of nocturnal erections – a key indicator of vascular and sexual health – as well as the duration of erections and firmness.  The FTR’s sensors pair up with an easy-to-use phone app, whereby men can track these important metrics overnight or during sexual activity. 

Dr.  Justin describes the Tech Ring as “an EKG and stress test for everyman’s favourite and most sensitive organ.” It’s a revolutionary development in healthcare, as ED is often indicative of more serious underlying health conditions such as blocked arteries, clogged blood vessels, low testosterone, high blood pressure, low testosterone, diabetes and prostate cancer – and more. Most men who suffer a heart attack have had at least one incident of ED in the preceding year. Being able to identify erectile problems can actually save lives. 

The Tech Ring has been designed by expert bioengineers and urologists to help maintain good erectile health and reduce the risk of developing ED in later life. Without blood flow every 24 hours in the form of spontaneous night time erections or sexual activity, atrophy can occur – particularly in men over 50. A decreasing number of nocturnal erection is an indicator of declining vascular health. Having regular sex can therefore help prevent the development of ED later on.

The device stores and transmits data to the app, which can then be privately shared with doctors, counsellors and partners.

Comfort, Pleasure and Confidence

In this age of health tech wearables, where we can track everything from the number of steps we do a day to the calories we consume and our blood pressure levels, FirmTech is presenting the Tech Ring as an “unwearable” which helps men take their sex lives from good to great, while improving their physical and mental health. 

The Tech Ring doesn’t just differ from traditional erection rings because of its sensor and connection to a mobile phone app. It also features the same performance-enhancing  benefits of the Performance Ring’s  soft materials that fit easily and boast both comfort and heightened pleasure. 

Dr. Justin explains how the Tech Ring can encourage men to take control of their sexual wellness: “When see numbers changing we are motivated to take action. We know how well we sleep, how many steps we take. But we don’t know much about sexual wellness, particularly ED. This device can motivate men to look after their health, drink less, exercise more, eat better, and make more love.”

This revolutionary device is the first in its kind, empowering men and their partners to enjoy a lifetime of lovemaking whilst also identifying potential health problems. 

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