The healthcare sector in Scandinavia has long been a beacon of excellence, serving as a model for nations worldwide. Rooted in the belief that healthcare is a fundamental human right, Scandinavia offers equitable access to healthcare services for all its citizens, irrespective of socio-economic factors.

Nordic Healthcare Excellence

Just like other parts of the world, Scandinavia faces its own resource shortages, quality challenges, and the growing demands associated with an ever-expanding population, a growing elderly population, combined with continuous expansion of medical treatment opportunities. But despite these challenges, the healthcare output delivered by Nordic healthcare systems remains among the very best in the world. Even in the face of adversity, the region continues to produce exceptionally high-quality, highly advanced technology-enabled healthcare services for all. And among the pillars of excellence in Nordic healthcare is NEO Consulting AS, founded and led by industry expert Dagfinn Hallseth.

About NEO Consulting AS

Headquartered in Bergen, Norway, NEO collaborates with healthcare leaders to navigate complex transformations effectively and support a healthy, happy, and thriving population. With a track record of over 100 projects in the past 5 years, the organisation has left an indelible mark on healthcare reform, strategy development, organisational optimisation and digitalisation of healthcare across Europe and beyond.

Leadership and Expertise

Prior to establishing NEO Consulting AS, Dagfinn Hallseth built an impressive portfolio of consulting experience for almost 25 years, 20 of which were spent in healthcare. During that time he worked on hundreds of healthcare projects in Norway and the Nordics, EMEA and more. He headed a Norwegian team for many years, and held the position as EMEA healthcare leader and member of the global Health Industries leadership team in PwC. 

His many years working on health policy, reforms, strategy, governance, change and technology enabled him to develop a unique profile that has established NEO Consulting as a leader in its field. 

But before finding his vocation as a healthcare leader, Dagfinn also spent several years in the military. Here he developed a diverse set of skills that were to serve as the cornerstone of his later career, from discipline and a strong work ethic to the ability to build high performing teams and follow complex procedures to the detail. 

It was during this time that he developed his impressive leadership and communication skills, motivating and inspiring others and forming bonds that are still strong today. The emphasis on excellence and teamwork in the military cultivates collaboration and builds trust, enabling individuals to excel in diverse team settings and work together towards a common goal. Adaptability is also paramount, with military personnel learning to thrive in high pressure environments, navigate uncertainties with ease and think strategically while navigating the business world. Together, these skills and experiences served as a strong foundation for a career that has positively impacted on many lives around the world. 

Dagfinn’s unique background means that he communicates and connects well with different levels in the health sector and with different professional groups. He has a deep understanding of health sector dynamics and develops visions and strategic goals together with his clients. He has a strong personal commitment, is passionate about contributing to developing a sustainable healthcare system, and motivated by seeing strategy become a reality – through the development of robust health systems and solutions.

Leading with military precision and compassion

NEO Consulting is a company with a clear mission to improve healthcare, so it’s natural that its leader takes his own health and fitness seriously. Dagfinn Hallseth is a keen cyclist, loves hiking in the mountains, eats well, and like many other leading entrepreneurs rises early and enjoys structure. But at the heart of his work and aspirations is always a desire to help others. He is a compassionate leader who listens to the needs and pain points of others, finding solutions that are tailor made for each organisation and always makes the wellbeing of its end-users its biggest priority.

Today, Dagfinn Hallseth stands as a revered strategic advisor, offering guidance to top healthcare leaders and spearheading transformative reform initiatives. His mentorship and strategic acumen continue to shape the future of healthcare, both regionally and globally. He has been involved in the development of several health trend reports and whitepapers, and typically holds more than 20 healthcare strategy and change presentations annually. 

NEO Consulting works with a vast range of partners, from public sector organisations and digital giants to “big four” advisory firms and strategy boutique firms to small start ups. Whatever their background, they share one common aim – to make a positive and significant difference to healthcare. To learn more, visit NEO Consulting’s website.