Disappointing experiences with digital agencies led to successful entrepreneur Jason White deciding to establish KitelyTech, a ‘one-stop shop’ technology consultancy organisation setting industry leading standards and a reputation for its focus on quality.

The term ‘digital transformation’ has become so commonplace in organisations around the world that its meaning may have become difficult to accurately define. Too many believe it to be focused on software choices and operating systems, yet miss the crucial point that successful organisations must have a digital foundation based on innovation, trust and transparency. 

KitelyTech – a leading technology agency – has understood this since its birth in 2009. In fact it is its founding principle, as CEO and founder Jason White established his award winning company as a result of witnessing poor relationships between developers and clients leading to destructive situations for all concerned.

Thirteen years later, and winner of digital transformation awards himself, White, together with KitelyTech have little intention on slowing their exciting expansion. They remain fully committed to ensuring that values of trust and excellent service at the very heart of everything that they do.

The challenging world of digital transformation

Too many global leaders believe digital transformation to be a project that is planned, worked on and completed. Nothing could be further from the truth. Digital transformation is not a finite project, but rather a cultural shift to a position where the organisation embraces both technology and innovation in practically every part of its operations and its people. 

While this may sound rather ambitious, when you consider the investments that are being made by companies across the US alone, it’s clear that leaders are desperate to get it right. In 2018, the average digital transformation budget at medium to large sized brands across the country was over $14million and in 2019, almost half of all technology spending was going towards digital transformation.

There is a healthy tension between push and pull factors that are encouraging companies to invest in digital transformation. More than 50% of leaders state they are investing in the journey as they believe it will enable them to take advantage of growth opportunities, while over 40% are concerned they will lose out to competitors if they fail to make this commitment. 

In this environment, organisations are looking to collaborate with expert external partners to help them navigate the complicated journey. The stakes are obviously high but as mentioned above, successful digital thinking requires trust, excellent communication and an innovation driven mentality, even more so when you are then introducing an external partner.

Jason White, Founder and CEO of KitelyTech, had unfortunately been on the wrong side of poor external partners who had promised their support and expertise and then failed to deliver. 

Frustration leads to inspiration and action

White is not just a serial entrepreneur, but more impressively, a serial successful entrepreneur who has started and grown businesses across a number of sectors.

During his career, he’s always placed technology at the heart of his operations and early on looked to support from agencies to help him achieve his goals. A series of poor experiences culminated in him losing his life savings and throughout he found that the default approach of development agencies was to over-promise and under-deliver. From poor communication to a total lack of transparency and inexcusably lacking organisational skills, White was on the wrong end of developers who were keen to take his money, yet slow to deliver quality. 

It reached the point where White decided the best solution was to create his own development agency with a mission to set a new standard for excellence in terms of quality of delivery, customer experience and overall trust. Hence, KitelyTech – one-stop shop for all technological needs was born. 

The KitelyTech approach – turning promise into reality

Irrespective of whether the KitelyTech team is developing a new ecommerce platform for a large enterprise or creating a prototype mobile experience for a hungry start-up, consistent elements always prevail – transparency in process and culture. Clients of KitelyTech have full access to all meeting notes, recordings and team communications. This open process is matched by an open culture. White has explained in the past that a key part of being able to be successfully transparent is about allowing his team to be vulnerable. To enable this KitelyTech has set up a process of “safe space meetings” where emotion is removed and the focus is on the process and not the individual. As he clearly states: “It’s not about the mistake, but rather what process allowed that mistake to happen in the first place.”

Based on this transparency and relentless focus on how to make the process as effective and efficient as possible, KitelyTech is able to provide clients with a detailed understanding of what they are going to achieve together before they even start. 

Being able to deliver this commitment on time and on budget has allowed this US based organisation to not only win and retain clients such as multinational advertising conglomerates, major automotive companies, global financial institutions, and pharmaceutical and healthcare providers  but also be awarded well over 100 industry awards and be ranked as one of the top agencies across major cities in the US, year after year.

Their robust process also gives them the safety and freedom to then push the boundaries of creativity and technical innovation as they search for the best way to solve their client’s problems. With their broad range of technical, creative and business skills, very few challenges elude them. And KitelyTech stays focused on the last 10% of the project – a place where many other development companies often disappear due to their inability to deliver.

Clients are delighted to experience the innovative KitelyTech approach as it is both revolutionary and refreshing in comparison to typical development partners. However, White is not one for resting on his laurels. His continued aim is for his team to make  clients feel as if they are a genuine extension of the organisation, and with its dedicated high quality communication and 24/7 responsive attitude, they will be aware of where they are in the project and what’s coming next. There will never be any nasty surprises.

Bringing the same standard of excellence to large and small, near and far

Over its 13 years, KitelyTech has grown its presence in the US and beyond. With offices in Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, Detroit, Austin, Charlotte, Phoenix, and Miami , White has never lost sight of the importance of maintaining the qualities which enabled his organisation to succeed. 

This focus on quality and process has meant that KitelyTech has been able to develop expertise across sectors with clients in verticals ranging from oil and gas to healthcare to CPG. Add to that the fact that White and his team work closely with up and coming startups as well as Fortune 100 brands and it’s clear to see that the KitelyTech recipe truly works.

KitelyTech is a full-service technology consulting, design and development organisation setting trends in web design, web development, branding, mobile application development, custom software and SEO services. For further information on their comprehensive range of services, please visit the company website: https://kitelytech.com