In a rapidly expanding technological age, maintaining connectivity is vital for all realms of industry. Indonesia based Telin responds to the needs of a diverse range of global clients with a comprehensive package of seamless connectivity services. We investigate Telin’s expansion in a disruptive era.     

Established in 2007, PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin) manages the international telecommunications business of its parent company, PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (“Telkom”), a state-owned enterprise and the biggest telecommunication in Indonesia. Telkom is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:TLK) with a market cap of USD17,662 Billion as per November 2020.

The company focuses as an international carrier service and strategic investment in international telecommunications as well as serving as Telkom’s business arm in managing a global network of overseas business lines. Comprehensive telecommunication solutions are designed to be flexible, modular, seamless and relevant to the needs of a growing database of wholesale, enterprise, digital and retail clients across Indonesia, Timor Leste, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan, United States and Myanmar.

Our solutions enable our customers to expand their global reach through high quality voice services, data connectivity, Internet access, mobile messaging, and managed network services. We currently manage 23 best-in-class cable systems with a total length of more than 207 km and with 59 points of Presence (PoPs) in 28 countries across the world. In addition, Telin owns 19 Tier II-Tier IV accredited data centres in Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Timor Leste. 

Keeping Global Businesses Connected

Telin offers complete peace of mind to its customers with solutions guaranteed to keep the wheels of industry turning. We recognise the importance of keeping global businesses connected, and with it the flow of commerce.  Businesses need agility and reliability, and Telin is uniquely positioned to offer both with networking solutions which harness the power of wired and wireless solutions.

Infrastructure Expansion and New Partnerships

Internet connectivity is the lifeblood of any organisation, and as such it’s vital that global business offices stay connected.  In a rapidly advancing technological age, Telin has proactively responded to the growing needs of its diverse range of customers through the provision of portfolio cloud and connectivity enablers by delivering connectivity, data centres, managed network & security and platform solutions. In doing so, Telin has transformed its business to become an enabler for enterprise and digital players, supported by innovation and infrastructure expansion in 2019.

Hand in hand with infrastructure expansion, new partnerships offer a wealth of new opportunities to increase market share.  We’re extremely proud to announce that in October 2020 Telin strengthened its business further in the global arena through a new service agreement with OneContact Australia. This collaboration will enable the company to enhance engagement with the stakeholder across New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia through the provision of secure and efficient cloud based messaging services. The agreement marks yet another milestone and achievement for Telin, particularly in a year fuelled by global economic uncertainty owing to the coronavirus pandemic. The company continues to expand its strategic partnership to meet its ultimate purpose of being an outstanding commercial contributor within Indonesia.

Outstanding Financial Performance

Telin continues to showcase improved financial performance growth through the quality of its products and services, cost leadership and tax management complemented by its ongoing programme of transformation and innovation. Overall, the company reports a year of outstanding financial performance, accomplished due to the correct strategic approach highlighted by its technical steps within digital acceleration, a focus on profitability, strengthening its subsidiaries, and streamlining networks and organisations in order to improve and enhance  productivity. 

These business transformations spurred significant growth, with revenues rising by over 30 per cent during the year to August 2019.  Despite unprecedented global trading conditions owing to the coronavirus pandemic, Telin’s net income increased by 2024 per cent in the year to date when compared to the previous year.  This represents a phenomenal achievement and is testament to the passion, dedication and hard working ethos of the entire Telin Group. 

Contributors to revenue growth

Examining Telin’s significant revenue growth during the last year, it is clear that the majority of the company’s portfolio contributed positively. In particular, record growth in data service was witnessed as a result of increased bandwidth usage from both international and domestic traffic supported by good submarine cable infrastructure. In the digital business, application to person (A2P) – a type of SMS messaging technique whereby text messaging is sent from a software application to a consumer’s device, and content delivery network (CDN) – whereby a system of servers extends the reach of web applications – both recorded impressive growth figures, with traffic increasing by 44 per cent and 187 per cent respectively.

Meanwhile, the data centre also reported rapid growth with revenue growing by a staggering 83 per cent during 2019. This outstanding success was achieved as a result of the success of Telin-3 data centre sales to digital players. In parallel, growth was supported by the enhancement of internal capabilities and infrastructure as Telin prepared its employees to become a world-class Global Reliable Excellent Agile and Team (GREAT) – a proactive and efficient team which continues to adapt and respond to business challenges encountered.

The journey ahead

Going forward, Telin continues to accelerate its programme of digital expansion in the Asia Pacific region through the adoption of Cloud, big data and analytics as the main pillars of digitisation across industries and enterprise segments, including digital marketing and other solutions to help its globally-distributed partners and customers stay competitive in the digital age. 

A further area of exciting growth lies in the development of a new cable route, the Southeast Asia – Japan (SJC2) which will be ready by 2022. Spanning 10,500 km and connecting cable landing stations in Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China, Korea and Japan with the Singapore to Hong Kong route of this cable, Telin is delighted to announce that the 18 Tbps capacity of each of its eight fibre pairs of cable will boost traffic capacity even further within the south east Asia network.

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