Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Denison Consulting: Improving organisational effectiveness across global industries

Denison Consulting is a global consulting services firm providing client-centric, innovative culture change and leadership development solutions. As one of the world’s leading authorities on culture, change, and leadership, the company’s role is primarily...

How to Navigate the Dutch Caribbean Tax Laws: combining substance with low tax

With tax law and advantageous business tax manoeuvres so firmly in the spotlight at the moment, Emile G. Steevensz of Steevensz Beckers Tax Lawyers, based in Curacao, gives Business Worldwide Magazine his insight...

Redefining the future of cross-border disputes through innovation

The volume of commercial transactions between nations is rapidly increasing, and a concurrent trend has been a noticeable expansion in the multi-dimensional scope and weight of cross-border disputes related to those transactions. We...

Market intelligence and global networks make for the best M&A deals

Economic forecasts look uncertain for 2016, particularly in the wake of instability in the Chinese economy.  Investors need stable hands to guide them through M&A transactions. This article explores the unique approach to...

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