Sound, an integral part of our lives, can easily overwhelm us and affect our wellbeing. Pioneering Malmö based Poasana transforms acoustics with its cutting edge sound absorbers that revolutionise the way we interact with sound within our modern homes.

In a world perpetually enshrouded by the cacophony of noise and the relentless pressures of daily life, the quest for moments of tranquility and serenity has transformed into a cherished aspiration. Visionary CEO and entrepreneur, Patricia Möller, recognised and responded to this need in redefining the essense of interior design in both living and working spaces through establising Poasana, a pioneering design company reshaping perception of both sound and space.

A Paradigm Shift in Interior Design

Emerging from a decade-long tenure as the Marketing Manager at Hövding, the pioneering Swedish company renowned for its cyclist airbags, Patricia Möller’s gaze was firmly fixed on a new horizon – the inception of Poasana. Driven by an ambitious mission to cultivate acoustic environments that enhance the quality of life and overall well-being, this exciting interior design company has now emerged as a trailblazer by seamlessly combining the realms of auditory and visual aesthetics.

Complementing its unique products, Poasana is both inspiring and carries relevant signifance. Translating to ‘Awesome’ in Swahili, as well as ‘Sana’ being the Latin word for sound and enjoying a healthy mind and spirit, the name Poasana reinforces the concept of eye catching, brightly coloured sound clouds and boards which match your décor, ‘enable you to rediscover your surroundings in an entirely novel and enjoyable way.’

As Patricia eloquently conveys: “Our intention is to craft environments that embody tranquility and beauty. Our philosophy is akin to interior design that embraces both the auditory and visual senses.”  Realising that our lives are besieged by relentless demands which inevitably result in escalated stress levels, Patricia and her team were encouraged to design solutions which harmoniously combine the tranquility of acoustics with the elegance of artistic expression.

“We live stressful lives and are constantly available, “ she continues. “Many people reside in urban environments and have to work in offices which are subjected to a wide range of diverse sounds. Even within our own domestic homes, we yearn for calmer environments, ones that nourish our senses,” Patricia explains.

Furthermore, Poasana’s dedication to sustainability permeates not only its products but its very ethos. Handcrafted in Sweden, these beautiful sound absorbers often incorporate recycled materials sourced from local furniture industries. Poasana’s unwavering commitment to social sustainability and environmental stewardship demonstrates a genuine endeavour to strike a harmonious balance between human existence and the world we inhabit.

An exciting new collaboration with trendsetting architectural artists Karin Auran Frankenstein and Tomas Auran unfurls the horizons of sustainable design. The Kompost series of acoustic panels integrates dyed textiles which act as protective covers. These panels, comprising residual materials from the furniture industry, serve as conduits for soundwaves, effectively dampening noise and creating a socially sustainable atmosphere.

Working with materials which do not burden the planet justifies our work states Tomas Auran, who describes the artistic expression of the combined creative process as organic, geometric, fleshy and strict. Together with Poasana we have a common view of wool and the enormous potential of food waste which makes this developing collaboration interesting and distinctive.

Conquering Challenges: A Journey Fuelled by Tenacity

As a female entrepreneur, Patricia Möller’s journey is intertwined with unique challenges. Despite Sweden’s progress in gender equality, female representation in entrepreneurship remains below 28 per cent (according to Eurostat). Patricia’s narrative mirrors the broader struggles encountered by women when trying to balance the demands of a professional career whilst also juggling the day to day reponsibilities for their families.  

Patricia candidly remarks, “Doubt and scepticism perpetually shroud female entrepreneurs. The question of whether you can be a successful mother while navigating the complexities of business is a recurring theme. It’s almost as if the realms of motherhood and entrepreneurship are pitted against each other.” The constant fear of failure combined with a noticeable lack of support from lenders can further magnify the hurdles encountered by female entrepreneurs.

Guiding Lights: Insights for Emerging Trailblazers

For emerging entrepreneurs, particularly young women venturing into uncharted territories, Patricia Möller imparts invaluable wisdom. She highlightes the  significance of pursuing dreams and having the courage to ask for advice when required. Patricia’s personal journey was strengthened by a mentor who served as a supportive sounding board during crucial junctures, and she emphasises the importance of learning from peers in this way. She further advocates cultivating an open minded attitude, a willingness to listen to differing opinions and perspectives, and wisdom to allocate time for self-care even amidst demanding schedules. Surrounding yourself with individuals who excel in different areas is crucial. Embracing humility and a continuous learning ethos form the bedrock of her success story.

The Limitless Horizon of Poasana: Ascending to New Heights

Poasana’s journey whilst still in its early years is poised for boundless expansion. The burgeoning interest in their innovative products demonstrates the resounding market demand for their revolutionary solutions. As Poasana charts its course to introduce products to the European market, a broader audience is now poised to experience the transformative magic of sound-softening surfaces adorning plant-dyed textiles.

The trajectory of Poasana’s journey exemplifies the latent potential of visionary entrepreneurship. Patricia Möller’s steadfast commitment to harmonising sound and design has engendered a portfolio of innovative solutions that are reshaping our interaction with environments. As the company continues its journey of innovation and expansion, it holds the promise of empowering individuals to discover serenity amid the cacophony of modern existence.

Poasana, a Swedish design company based in Malmo, produce stylish, customisable and effective sound absorption boards and sound clouds to help improve interior acoustics and reduce noise levels. To learn more about their comprehensive range of innovative soundproofing products, together with portofolios of colour schemes and specifications, please visit the company website –