Brett Jaffee is a serial entrepreneur with a keen interest in golf. Here we learn how his new app, Caddy Time, is revolutionising the golf world by bringing back the caddie.

In the USA alone, the golf industry is worth over $1bn. It’s an expensive hobby which has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, and one of the industries that actually saw a boost during the pandemic. The National Golf Foundation called 2020 “a year of resurgence” as more people took to the golf course for some socially distanced sport in the fresh air. According to reports,  8% of the American population played golf on a golf course, and 6.2 million people played golf for the first time that year.

Reigniting a powerful relationship 

Golf has been around for hundreds of years, and it used to be that behind every great golfer was a caddie. But the U.S Open stopped insisting golfers used caddies as far back as 1975, and by the 1980s only the Masters and the Western Open at Butler National still required them. Entrepreneur Brett Jaffee has dedicated his latest venture to bringing the caddie back, in a move that’s creating jobs all over the world. 

The Uber for Golfers and Caddies

Hailed as “The Uber for Golfers and Caddies” Caddy Time is a complete re-imagining of this important relationship. While caddies are rarely seen on the golf course these days – just 1% of America’s golfing population have caddies available to them – the benefits of caddies have never gone away. A caddie can help professional golfers improve their game, offering a distinct competitive advantage. For leisure golfers, having someone to do the heavy lifting and deal with things like divots in the grass can make a huge difference, making the game more accessible. 

Boosting the Economy and Changing Lives

The return of caddies is making courses more profitable, giving golfers a more enjoyable experience and making the global golf community stronger than ever. But it’s not just the golfers and clubs who are benefiting. Caddy Time is creating high wage, on-demand jobs all over the world. Caddying pays 5-7 times the minimum wage, presenting a genuine opportunity to change lives and families whilst boosting the global economy.  

The app is simple. Golfers log in and say what kind of game they’re having and the kind of support they need, while caddies take an assessment which provides them with the level they’ll be advertised as on the platform. Caddy Time brings golfers and caddies together through a simple platform that’s available to download to any Apple or Android phone. 

A Concierge on the Golf Course

A caddie is like a concierge on the golf course, not only doing the physical extras but also providing tips on how to improve your score. The re-introduction of caddies is great news for golfers of all levels, but those new to the game will find it particularly helpful. Brett Jaffee explained “We find that people are really reluctant to get on the golf course for the first time, and a caddie can really help bridge the gap”. With their expert guidance, a new golfer can quickly learn the rules of the game as well as gaining an understanding of the rules and etiquette expected on the golf course. Until now, 99% of golfers were missing out on this opportunity, so Caddy Time is solving a huge problem for experts and amateurs alike. 

Multi Award Winning Entrepreneur

Brett Jaffee is gaining worldwide recognition for his work, recently being named among the Top 50 University Alumni in Information Technology, 2022. This list of movers and shakers highlights some of the biggest visionaries in their field. As an alumni of Florida State University, where he earned an undergraduate degree in Communications and Psychology, Jaffee is one of a few tech superstars whose work is changing the world. 

Together with his friend David Rider, he founded Caddy Time in 2021 after spotting a huge gap in the market. A lifelong entrepreneur, his career began in Orlando at Electronic Selection Systems (later AlignMark) He then went on to work with the Fortune 1000 where he created and deployed selection and development processes, before moving on to lead a number of start-ups including production company Blue Dolphin Films. 

In 1992 he co-founded the McJAFF Invitational golf tournament with Patrick McClanahan, now in its 31st year and the subject of the 2022 documentary “McJAFF: Golf’s Unknown Major”. He also previously co-founded and managed The Orlando Film Festival. 

In his latest accolade, Brett Jaffee has won a Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Award, being named “Best Digital Transformation CEO in the Golf Industry”. 

Since its launch in 2021 Caddy Time has taken the leisure world by storm by providing golf enthusiasts with the perfect opportunity to profit from their hobby. Caddies can earn between $30 – $50 an hour, making caddying an ideal full time job or side hustle. To find out more about Caddy Time visit or download the app.