AI-Powered Investment Platform Offers Customized, Professional Strategies Typically Reserved For High Net-Worth Individuals; A “Hedge Fund in Your Pocket™

In a move to democratize access to investment power,, a Forbes-backed company, today announced Invest, an AI-powered multi-strategy investment platform that offers investors institutional-grade quantitative investing tools. gives users access to customized and professionally managed, top-performing strategies, enabling everyone to invest like the pros.

With Invest, is daring to disrupt the fund-management industry, in which three mutual fund complexes control more than 75% of the total assets.

“We’re zeroing in on a $25 trillion industry that’s stuck in the past,” explained CEO/CIO and co-founder, Stephen Mathai-Davis. “Not only has the industry resisted change, but it has also completely excluded the majority of investors without access to best-in-class and expensive fund managers. We built to rewrite that narrative, and to give everyone the same investment power that had previously been exclusive to high net-worth individuals.

“We like to say we’re hacking Wall Street.”

Users can download Invest from the Apple’s App Store or Google Play—and join the waitlist on March 18th. Once a friend invites them in, the full platform is theirs to use.

Product Details

  • Cutting-Edge Risk Management Tools: Invest uses performance-predicting AI to enhance gains and maximize returns for investors. It relies on the same AI used in autonomous driving to protect and support users through market volatility.
  • Asset Allocation Strategies: Invest quickly arms investors with capable asset-allocation strategies rather than leaving them to navigate the ocean of analysis on their own.
  • Truly Diversified Portfolios for Each User: Invest uses AI clustering and deep learning analysis to provide users with legitimate portfolio diversification and exposure to stocks, bonds, emerging markets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs, alongside forex, oil, gold, VIX, and more.
  • The Netflix-ication of Investing: Invest uses a subscription model instead of the traditional management fee structure. This empowers consumers by keeping earnings in their pockets. Instead, users regardless of income level invest with a one-time fixed-rate investment of $100 and then trade-fee-free forever for only $10/month.