Snapsheet, the industry-leading provider of virtual claims technology for the personal and commercial insurance marketplace, expanded its North American presence to Canada by partnering with Aviva Canada, a property and casualty insurance group.

“We’re thrilled to expand our services to the Canadian market with a partner who works to provide cutting-edge solutions to its customers,” said Brad Weisberg, Snapsheet’s CEO and founder. “Aviva is an industry leader who shares our core goal of making the claims process easier for everyone, so they’re an ideal choice as our first Canadian partner.”

How does Snapsheet work?

Once a customer files a claim, he or she takes photos of the damage and submits them through the carrier’s branded app – AvivaExpress, powered by Snapsheet. Snapsheet’s team of appraisers processes and inspects vehicle damage based on the photos using specialized software and engagement tools in order to provide an estimate for repairs. The customer then receives payment from their insurance carrier and can take their car to the body shop of their choosing. Snapsheet’s customer service team walks customers through the entire journey.

Simplifying the claims journey for customers

Only 38% of carriers currently use a virtual claims process, yet 100% expressed interest in adopting this technology in the next five years, according to the 2017 Future of Claims Study by LexisNexis. Snapsheet’s work with Aviva Canadamarks the first step in bringing virtual claims to the Canadian market.

“We believe the claims process should be simple. While most carriers recognize this as well, few have access to the technology to make it possible,” said Weisberg. “We aim to bridge the gap between carriers and virtual claims technology everywhere; our Canadian expansion is just the beginning.”

“With Snapsheet’s great track record in the U.S., we’re proud to work with them and offer a transformative experience to our Canadian customers,” said Lynn Anderson, Aviva Canada’s Interim Chief Claims Officer. “The results from our pilot program showed an immense improvement to our customers’ claims journey. The time it takes for an estimate to be completed is significantly reduced, helping defy uncertainty for our customers.”

“We know any claim is an upsetting experience for our customers. This is why Aviva is offering AvivaExpress powered by Snapsheet – a digital and self-serve option to help customers get back to what’s important sooner,” continued Anderson.

During its pilot program, 93% of Aviva customers chose to opt in and use the virtual claims platform, enabling Aviva customers to settle claims 20% to 40% faster than with traditional channels.