Milestone New Patents Include Mapping Incoming Calls and Exclusive Rights to a Routing Process Between VoIP and Traditional Telephony Providers

Vonage (NYSE: VG), a leading provider of business cloud communications, has received 19 new patents granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Vonage now has more than 170 U.S. patents, along with many foreign patents and pending applications in jurisdictions worldwide.

“Vonage’s recently granted patents have the power to enable businesses and other users to employ the cloud as reliably – and with more features and functionality – as traditional telephony solutions,” said Alan Masarek, CEO of Vonage. “Vonage’s recent breakthroughs also have the ability to add rich capabilities to help deliver an enhanced experience for businesses and their customers. We’re excited to continue to innovate and explore the possibilities of these services.”

In these recent patents, Vonage has reached new milestones in its goal of innovating relentlessly, developing breakthrough technology with the potential to drive better business outcomes.

Pat. No. 9,667,802 advances VoIP capabilities with dedicated Location Routing Numbers to provide direct interconnection and traffic exchange between non-carriers. This is a step forward for VoIP systems in obtaining and controlling a block of telephone numbers available via the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA), allowing organizations a consistent discourse with carrier and non-carrier networks. In 2013, Vonage participated in a government-sponsored trial to connect VoIP systems with existing networks, and in 2015 the FCC granted VoIP providers including Vonage the capability to obtain direct telephone numbers.

Technology behind Pat. No. 9,661,035 provides organizations with visibility into the path of incoming callers, providing insight into direct customer communications. When a customer is forwarded from department to department, information is passed through various means, including caller ID or an audible voice message, to show how the customer’s call was received and processed.

Additional Patents:

Some of Vonage’s additional new patents include:

  • Advancements in cloud-based communications for higher quality and more consistent service. These include dynamic and automatic allocation of cloud-based VoIP media relay and SBC resources to optimize voice capacity and quality measurement (Pat. No. 9,647,956) and load balancing of network resources to efficiently establish communications in a hosted VoIP PBX platform (Pat. No. 9,647,943).
  • Advancements in mobile communications for a more comprehensive integration into broader networks, such as registration of a VoIP provider with a mobile device’s home carrier and the roaming network to minimize roaming charges to customers (Pat. No. 9,686,668). They also include presence detection on a partner network to more effectively and consistently locate and deliver communications to VoIP devices (Pat. No. 9,674,233), monitoring of call quality (Pat. No. 9,641,562), and modifications to SIP (the standard most-commonly used to process VoIP communications), allowing for the concurrent handling of multiple actions for improved efficiency (Pat. No. 9,628,540).
  • A process that automatically assigns virtual numbers to an account based on its telephone activity (Pat. No. 9,712,682). Virtual phone numbers are an important component of both UCaaS and CPaaS services, allowing customers to establish local presence anywhere in the world. Vonage owns several patents covering key aspects of this technology (U.S. Pat. Nos. 7,386,111, 7,680,262, 8,213,594, 8,064,582, 8,588,387, and 9,521,112).
  • A process to identify speakers on a conference call by determining and transmitting identification information associated with call participants (Pat. No. 9,742,823), enabling greater visibility into the identity of parties engaged on a conference call.