Thursday, April 15, 2021

The US Business Excellence Awards 2021 Business Worldwide MagazineThe US Business Excellence Awards 2021

About the USA Business Excellence Awards 2021
The United States has built on its economic dominance over the last few years through adjusted trade deals and lower taxation. This dynamic, alongside continued advancements in technology, has seen its corporations go from strength-to-strength. Alongside the large corporations is a growing stream of disruptive and innovative new companies who are changing the competitive landscape. Leading those organisations is a diverse, talented and passionate set of individuals committed to high levels of achievement.

The 2021 USA Business Excellence Awards will seek to recognise the drive and achievements of these organisations and their leaders over the last 12 months. The awards will cover a diverse range of sectors from finance to technology, healthcare, manufacturing to retail to name a few.

The organisations and candidates chosen will all have delivered outstanding achievements in their designated industry over the last 12 months, whilst supporting their communities, promoting cultural diversity and seeking to make a positive impact on the environment.

Award Nominations 2021

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