Thursday, July 18, 2019
Business Insight

Business Insight

Tackling cyber risks in the energy sector

Cybersecurity is a hot topic across national states and businesses. We talk to Annabelle Lee from Nevermore Security, about combating cyber risks in the energy sector. With the advent of the global reach of...

Navigating the challenges of digital innovation

Technology and the Internet are changing the world. We talked to Qais Al Lamki, CEO of Macro Software Systems and winner of Business Worldwide Magazine’s CEO Awards 2017 in the categories of 'Best...

MultiTech: Corporate Citizenship in Tech

In this article we feature MultiTech Systems, Inc., winners of Business Worldwide Global Corporate Excellence Awards in the categories of ‘Best Corporate Citizen (Mid-Market), USA- 2016’ and ‘Management Team of the Year, USA- 2016.’ We look at how they've created a...

Whitefriars College gets Students to Embrace Globalisation

Whitefriars College in Melbourne, Australia is committed to offering a global perspective to its students through careful integration. Here’s how they successfully achieve that: The only Carmelite Secondary College in the whole of Australia,...

Educating in a Globalised World

The global economy is going through rapid change, becoming more globally connected as well as technologically advanced. How should education deal with these changes? We talked to Emilia Fields, Director of Whitefriars International...

Corporate sustainability delivers anti-poverty action in Africa

The corporate sustainability movement – which combines corporate responsibility with environmental awareness - has increasingly become influential in the past twenty years. We talk to Rino Solberg, Chairman of the Better Globe Group, about...

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