Monday, March 1, 2021

The Brand of the Year Awards 2018 Business Worldwide MagazineThe Brand of the Year Awards 2018

About the Brand of the Year Awards 2018

The 2018 Brand of the Year Awards recognise and reward organisations which have performed exceptionally well in their field and have proven themselves to be dynamic forces within their industries.

Not only have the operations of these businesses been of world class quality, but their striving endeavour to push boundaries, respond to challenges and tackle taboos has earned them admiration and respect from within their sector and consequently made them employers of choice.

Crucially, the quality of their service to clients and end users has been of the highest calibre – and in many cases the continual drive to develop effective business relationships and efficient methods of delivery remain vital. Business Worldwide aims to feature on the success of these organisations, thus highlighting their exemplary accomplishments and serving as an inspiration and role model for others to emulate.

    Award Nominations 2018

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