Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Banking and International Finance Awards 2018 Business Worldwide MagazineThe Banking and International Finance Awards 2018

About the Banking and International Finance Awards 2018

The 2018 Banking and International Finance Awards were established to acknowledge businesses which have had a significant impact within the global banking and finance industries.

By recognising the shining stars from across the financial world, the awards celebrate and highlight companies where progress, competitiveness and outstanding performance have paved the way for exceptional achievement in the field of  innovation and improvement, and also showcases organisations whose products and offerings continually set industry trends.

The awards hold submissions up to the highest standards of scrutiny, and therefore by publicly placing winners in the limelight, these awards are a beneficial means of sharing the knowledge these companies have imparted to the rest of the international business and financial industry.

Award Nominations 2018

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