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The Asia-Pacific Business Awards 2020 Business Worldwide Magazine

The Asia-Pacific Business Awards 2020

About the Asia-Pacific Business Awards 2020

Despite some uncertainty over the last few years surrounding world trade, the Asia-Pacific region is still showing strong signs of growth with some of the smaller emerging nations outperforming the developed economies. With the Western world facing political and fiscal strains, whilst China solidifies its domestic economy, we may see the APAC economy decoupling further and overtaking the West. With that outlook in mind, the opportunity for investment and innovation is still ripe in the region.

The 2020 Asia-Pacific Business Awards are an opportunity to recognise true entrepreneurial flair and corporate excellence in the Asia-Pacific region. The shortlisted parties will all have a strong track record in delivering innovative products, services and solutions. Candidates will also show that their endeavours have had a positive effect on their community and the environment, whilst supporting diversity in their organisations.

Award Nominations 2020

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