The Austrian Mint and Coins N Things Inc. (CNT) are making waves in the precious metals scene with the debut of their collaborative masterpiece: the first-ever 1 oz Minted Solid Gold Bar. Designed to resonate with music enthusiasts and investors alike, the bar boasts the Austrian Mint’s renowned quality and craftsmanship, with CNT securing its role as the exclusive distributor in North America.

Austria, synonymous with musical prowess, finds its cultural heartbeat echoed in both the Vienna Philharmonic gold bullion coin and the newly launched 1 oz Minted Gold Bar. The front of each bar proudly displays the Austrian Mint’s emblem, a symbol of uncompromised excellence. On the reverse side, the poetic touch of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” sets a harmonious tone. Translating to “a little night music,” it sends a reassuring message that investors can rest soundly, knowing their assets are in secure hands. Each bar is meticulously sealed in a tamper-proof presentation card, featuring a unique serial number and the signature of the Austrian Mint’s Chief Assayer.

Mark Oliari, President, and CEO of CNT, sees this as a significant addition to their portfolio, stating, “Austria has created a strong footprint in the precious metals market, and we appreciate their impeccable reputation and over 830 years of coin-making experience.”

Austria’s global standing in precious metal processing is exemplified by the Austrian Mint, a key player in the international minting industry. Operating since 1988 as a private company under the ownership of the Austrian National Bank, the mint produces pure gold, silver, and platinum coins issued as Austrian legal tender.

Gerhard Starsich, CEO of the Austrian Mint, emphasizes the value of enduring partnerships, citing the shared commitment to long-term business relationships with entities like CNT. He notes, “Trust exists in businesses such as the Oliari’s, as we forgo short-term personal gain in favor of long-term business relationships and strategies.”

Based in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, CNT, a third-generation company established in 1972, serves the wholesale and industrial physical markets. Wholesale inquiries in North America can be directed to the CNT Trading Desk at, with further details available on their website: