Genius Tracker Training at GameChange Solar Training Facility in Cape Town, South Africa

GameChange Solar (GCS), a leading global supplier of solar tracker and fixed-tilt racking technology, announced the opening of a new dedicated training, service, and technical support center exclusively for its Genius Tracker™ solar trackers in Cape Town, South Africa. The new center is expected to be staffed by experienced local experts able to train EPC companies and installation technicians on the project construction and assembly of the tracker components. The training site will also contain a warehouse for GCS equipment to provide support for projects in the region.

“By providing an in-person training center in Cape Town, the South African hub for the solar industry, we will be able to deliver higher quality hands-on local training and service for solar project owners and EPCs before, during, and after project construction,” said Russ Bowden, Regional Director for Southern Africa. “With the current growth of our business in Africa, it was essential for GCS to have a local team of local experts who can respond quickly to the needs of our customers.”

“GameChange Solar entered the South African market in 2021,” said Derick Botha, Chief Commercial Officer for GameChange Solar. “We are thrilled that our growth in the region since then has led to this new milestone of opening the training and service center in Cape Town. We offer cutting-edge technology with low installation and maintenance costs, and that has resonated in the South African region.”

Genius Tracker design allows for fast installation with preassembled Speed Clamps™. Power production enabled by the Genius Tracker system is further optimized with its WeatherSmart™ and SmartStow™ modes that optimize tilt during overcast periods and minimize time spent in stow during severe weather to optimize production.

Africa has 60% of the world’s best solar resources, but only 1% of the solar generation capacity, and it is expected that Africa’s installed capacity of solar power could increase from around 5 GW in 2020 to over 25 GW by 2040 according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).