Traditional parking areas waste space and lack sustainability, leaving vehicles exposed to the elements. Stuttgart based PARK-SOLAR  provides sustainable hubs, offering shade and clean energy, as well as solar facades and retrofits for a greener, more efficient future.

In response to Germany’s dynamic legislative landscape promoting renewable energy, and the European Green Deal, Stuttgart-based PARK-SOLAR has emerged as a beacon of innovation, reshaping how solar power is harnessed. 

Established in March 2022, the inception of this innovative young company was fuelled by founder, Jassen Mihaylov’s, vision to contribute to the country’s ambitious energy transition goals whilst addressing evolving regulations. A critical focus on lightweight structures has now propelled the PARK-SOLAR team to pioneer  affordable and elegant solutions for businesses eager to participate in the green revolution not only within Germany, but across Europe too.

At the heart of PARK-SOLAR‘s offerings lies the ingenious concept of repurposing already sealed surfaces, such as commercial building roofing, to generate clean energy. This dual-purpose approach not only provides shade and rain protection for parked vehicles but also produces CO2-free electricity. It’s a win-win situation for businesses, enabling them to align with the energy transition without compromising their budget.

PARK-SOLAR’s standout feature is its lightweight construction, drawing inspiration from the engineering marvels of suspension bridges. This approach ensures not only efficiency but also affordability. The system requires only a fraction of the contact area and construction volume compared to conventional systems, resulting in a visually appealing, resilient structure that significantly reduces the use of raw materials.

Facades and Retrofits

Expanding beyond parking areas, PARK-SOLAR proudly introduces solar facades, extending its innovation to existing buildings. Its facades enable power generation from vertical surfaces, utilising existing areas as solar power generators. The strategic use of solar technology transforms buildings from mere energy consumers into confident energy producers. South and south-west-facing facade surfaces, and even east and west-facing PV facades, can be transformed into integral parts of architecture, lowering midday peaks and optimising energy production.

The PV retrofit of façades is a visible demonstration of the owner’s or investor’s commitment to sustainability. Successful integration into existing buildings, such as the 50-metre high PV facade in the WÜRTH high-bay warehouse, showcases a dedication to preserving structures while preserving structures while preparing them for solar systems. The evaluation considers aesthetic, resource-saving, and economic aspects, allowing for the choice of different colours and textures of the modules.

Recognising the uniqueness of every business, PARK-SOLAR solutions are tailor made and cover planning, production, delivery, installation, and ongoing maintenance – (cleaning, technical updates, etc). This comprehensive service package ensures a seamless operation, and also gives  clients flexibility to choose from various operating models. 

As an alternative to classic forms of operation, PARK-SOLAR additionally offers clients contracting solutions where they only lease the space. Within this system, clients are supplied with low cost electricity, and can give their employees and customers a full e-mobility service within a contractually fixed period. As an innovative or flexible or player in the solar industry, PARK-SOLAR collaborates with strategic partners to cover essential elements, from Energy Storages, charging systems to Energy management consultancy, thus offering holistic solutions that transcend mere solar installations.

Economic Advantages of Solar Integration

One of the benefits of integrating solar panels into industrial and commercial roofs and walls is the potential for cheaper energy, independent of external suppliers: energy self-sufficiency. By harnessing the power of the sun, businesses can generate their own electricity, thereby reducing reliance on traditional energy sources. This shift not only leads to lower electricity bills but also provides an opportunity for businesses to participate in feed-in tariff programmes, further enhancing cost-effectiveness.

Beyond economic benefits, the integration of solar panels aligns with corporate responsibility initiatives and environmental sustainability goals. PARK-SOLAR’s lightweight and eco-friendly approach resonates with businesses aiming to make a positive impact on the planet.

Increased Property Value and Government Incentives

Moreover, commercial properties equipped with solar panels often experience an increase in overall property value. The installation of solar infrastructure enhances the marketability of the building, appealing to environmentally conscious tenants and buyers. Additionally, governments and local authorities frequently offer incentives, tax credits, or grants to businesses adopting solar technology, further sweetening the deal for commercial enterprises.

Solar integration into commercial roofing also enhances operational resilience. Businesses equipped with solar panels gain a degree of energy independence, especially during peak demand periods or in the event of power outages. This resilience is critical for maintaining uninterrupted operations and mitigating the impact of energy price fluctuations.

Navigating Challenges, Seizing Opportunities

Acknowledging challenges in regulatory landscapes and energy pricing policies, PARK-SOLAR views these as opportunities for growth. Their commitment remains steadfast in empowering businesses to take charge of their energy needs and make a positive impact on the environment.

Looking ahead, the marriage of cutting-edge solar technology with traditional structures signifies a paradigm shift in how energy consumption is approached. PARK-SOLAR‘s commitment to overcoming challenges and embracing opportunities reflects a broader trend where businesses are not just adapting to change but actively shaping a future where clean energy, economic efficiency, and environmental responsibility coexist harmoniously. As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, PARK-SOLAR stands poised to play a pivotal role in driving this transformative journey toward a greener, more resilient tomorrow.

Stuttgart based PARK-SOLAR photovoltaic systems above parking spaces generate clean electricity from solar energy whilst providing roofing for cars parked below. Generated electricity can be used directly for individual needs, and charging stations for electric cars attracts customers and motivate employees for their e-mobility solutions.

In depth descriptions and further information on the advantages of installing PARK-SOLAR photovoltaic systems as roofing solutions as well as facades and retrofit structures can be found on the company website –