FIT Instructor John Zalepka during the hands-on portion of FIT 2.

Specified Technologies Inc. (STI), a leading firestop, smoke, and sound building products manufacturer, has announced the launch of their new e-learning platform, Firestop University. Firestop systems are not always easily recognizable in a building, but they are a crucial component of passive fire protection that impedes the spread of fire, smoke, and hot gasses during a fire event. Promoting life safety, they have focused on broadening their educational reach through their new web-based application.

Specified Technologies’ continuing education and Firestop Instructional Training (FIT) programs are designed to provide potentially life-saving firestop knowledge to building owners, contractors, architects/designers, inspectors, and many other diverse professionals with in-depth knowledge about firestopping systems, code comprehension, and compliance, installation techniques, among many other relevant topics. Live, instructor-led training classes are typically held at corporate headquarters in Somerville, NJ, and have also been held at partner testing agencies, including UL Solutions and Intertek.

The new Firestop University provides users with modern and user-friendly training modules that cover various aspects of firestop systems, including through-penetrations, data communication applications, and construction joints and perimeter fire containment. Professionals can conveniently access Firestop University by registering for a free account on Access STI. Both live and virtual training offer company-issued certificates along with continuing education credits with various organizations and regulatory bodies such as AIA, ICC, and BICSI.

“Properly installed firestop systems are significant to the overall life-safety of a building. Firestop education and training are critical due to building designs becoming increasingly sophisticated and construction materials constantly evolving. STI is a leader in the industry in equipping architects, engineers, contractors, and building professionals with the expertise needed to make informed decisions via in-person training seminars, webinars, and on Firestop University,” says John Zalepka, Senior Manager, Engagement & Programs and FIT 2 Instructor.

SOURCE Specified Technologies, Inc.