Karim Hyatt (CNW Group/Generix Group)

Karim Hyatt joins Generix Group, a global provider of collaborative SaaS Software solutions for the Supply Chain, industrial, and retail ecosystems as Chief Product & Innovation Officer. Karim takes charge of the Software Product & Innovation department and joins the Executive Committee. As part of the implementation of the Boost Together 2028 strategic plan and the Group’s transformation, his mission is to develop the Group’s offering by accelerating innovation, with the ambition of making Generix Group the world leader in supply chain digitalization.

Generix Group is stepping up the deployment of its Boost Together 2028 strategic plan and investments in its supply chain digitalization solutions. The company is placing innovation at the core of its strategy, in order to confirm its leadership in the management of information, administrative and physical flows for its 6,000 or so customers worldwide.

One of Karim Hyatt’s priorities is to develop the group’s offering with products that are increasingly standardized, 100% SaaS, and easily integrable thanks to a rich API catalog capable of creating highly configurable solutions. To carry out his mission, Karim relies on expert teams based in Europe and North America, and on a software engineering center based in Cluj, Romania. All these teams are brought together within an international organization, Software Product & Innovation, where new investments in equipment and industrialization are at work, serving the operational excellence of the entity and, above all, Generix Group’s products.

Karim Hyatt’s motto? To anticipate the business needs of Generix Group’s customers as early as possible, in particular by making the most of available data. With a team of analysts and data scientists, brought together in Generix Group’s Datalab, Generix will combine the best data analysis capabilities with the power of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The new Resource Management System (RMS) solution for warehouse resource planning and optimization, announced in April 2023, is the first example of this new generation of products.

“Our ambition: to become the world leader in Supply Chain software. In an environment where immediacy is the new norm, we need to be able to anticipate the needs of our customers and markets, and respond with innovative products that provide concrete, rapid answers to these challenges. I’m proud to be leading this transformation and to open this new path to innovation, by designing high-performance, resilient, scalable products that benefit from a strong dynamic of continuous improvement, using the very latest technologies.”, says Karim Hyatt.

Karim Hyatt has over 20 years’ experience in transforming innovative IT companies. He has held various technical, operations and general management positions at leading international technology companies such as Reuters, Cogneum, Emnos Analytics, Sierra Atlantic and Smiths Detection. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science Computer Studies from the University of East London and is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors (FIOD) in London.