Scanbot SDK – Computer Vision Tool

Scanbot SDK has been included by research and advisory firm Forrester among vendors of computer vision technology in their recently released report “The Computer Vision Tools Landscape, Q2 2023 – Forrester’s Overview Of 38 Vendors”.

Scanbot SDK offers fast and accurate mobile data capture solutions for iOS, Android, Windows, and Web. These help companies to eliminate costly, slow and error-prone manual data entry and to improve employee and customer experience. The SDKs support all common native and cross-platform frameworks, including Flutter, React Native, and Xamarin. More than 200 enterprises worldwide use Scanbot SDK’s products for billions of scans every year.

Scanbot SDK combines computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies in its mobile data capture solutions, enabling fast and exact scanning of barcodes, documents and other analog data.

“We see the inclusion in Forrester’s report as confirmation that our relentless pursuit of making capturing data as easy, accurate and fast as possible sets us apart as a company,” says Christoph Wagner, CEO of Scanbot SDK. “There is still an enormous amount of untapped potential when it comes to computer vision technology, and our goal is to put this power into the hands of everyone.”

The Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK turns any mobile device into a reliable, easy-to-use barcode scanner, while the Document Scanner SDK enables enterprises to transform physical documents into high-quality input images for their backend systems. The Data Capture SDK scans structured documents, such as ID cards, passports, checks, and driver’s licenses to extract relevant data as key-value pairs.