Belgium based Bioxodes, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, is developing a drug candidate preventing blood clots and inflammation based on the feeding techniques of ticks. This innovative approach has the potential to save the lives of thousands of patients with haemorrhagic stroke. 

Bioxodes, led by award winning CEO Marc Dechamps, a career biologist with more than 35 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, is developing a drug candidate called Ir-CPI – based on the proteins secreted by ticks when feeding on their prey – which has the potential to prevent life-threatening blood clots and neuroinflammation.

The Humble Tick – A Nature-based Solution  

A tick is a small, blood-sucking parasite which feeds on the blood of mammals, birds, and sometimes reptiles and amphibians. They must thin the blood of the animal they are feeding on so it does not form clots inside them when they feed. Analysis of these tick-produced molecules has revealed a protein that prevents blood clot formation without increasing the risk of bleeding, the major defect of anticoagulants currently on the market. Moreover, to overcome the sophisticated immune defence system of their hosts, ticks secrete molecules with anti-inflammatory effects.

Ir-CPI and How it Works

To potentially improve patient outcomes and reduce the overall burden of this devastating disease, Bioxodes has developed a therapeutic solution to address both neuroinflammation and blood clot formation in patients with haemorrhagic stroke.  

Bioxodes revolutionary drug candidate, known as Ir-CPI, is a first-in-class drug candidate exhibiting a unique mechanism of action by targeting coagulation factors (FXIIa & FXIa) and neutrophils. Through its effect on FXIIa and FXIa, Ir-CPI is a promising drug to prevent thrombotic events after haemorrhagic stroke, as the use of conventional anticoagulation is not adequate within the first hours after onset due to the risk of increased bleeding and worsening outcomes. By targeting neutrophils, Ir-CPI has the potential to provide protection against neuroinflammation, which plays a critical role in the neurologic decline of these patients.

So far, no specific treatment has been established for patients with haemorrhagic stroke and their management is primarily supportive. Moreover, no anticoagulants can be given during the first hours after onset. If this can be changed, it will be a huge asset in treating ICH patients. 

A Visionary CEO to Spearhead the Advancement of Ir-CPI  

Developing and advancing the future of such a ground breaking drug as Ir-CPI needs strong leadership, a united vision and a collaborative approach. Whilst Bioxodes has an established reputation in the biotech sector, the addition of Marc Dechamps to the leadership team brings dedicated expertise spanning 35 years as well as a desire to bring hope to affected patients.      

A career biologist with more than 35 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Marc has worked with large pharma corporations including GSK and ViiV Healthcare undertaking market development for novel products aimed at the treatment of infectious diseases, immunological disorders, central nervous system disorders, vaccines and cancer.  In 2016, he founded XMF Consulting to support biotech and biopharma businesses by providing strategic advice and management leadership, and he has also served as Managing Director of Delphi Genetics (CDMO) and interim CEO of eTheRNA Immunotherapies (a Belgian mRNA clinical stage biotech company).  In addition, he is also President of the Board of Investsud Tech (group InvestSud), a Board member of HealthTech for Care (HT4C), and serves as Co-Academic Director for the Advanced Masters In Biotech & Medtech Ventures, which he recently co-created at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management.

Clearly Marc’s expertise and industry knowledge is second to none. However, as an entrepreneur, his overwhelming passion is for patients all over the world to enjoy a better quality of life as a result of having access to Bioxodes’ innovative drugs.  Indeed, this fervour to develop the unique opportunities that Ir-CPI, Bioxodes and its life changing medication can bring, was a prime reason behind him joining the company last October. “Bioxodes has a unique value proposition at this stage with an ambition to reduce mortality and allow a faster and better recovery for the patients. In other words, in three to five years I wish to make Bioxodes a biotech company recognised for its great science and applicable medical solutions for patients in difficult to treat indications, whilst generating value for our current and future shareholders,” he states.         

This is a vision shared by all at Bioxodes, and with Marc’s open and transparent culture of respectful communication, and an overall ethos of inspiring others, the rewarding objective of meeting such unmet medical needs edges one step closer. Ir-CPI is expected to begin Phase IIA study in Belgium later this year, with an international Phase IIB to follow in the US, Europe, China, Japan and possibly elsewhere in Asia. The company is actively seeking partner organisations in China to conduct a joint clinical study.

Investment for Further Testing

Bioxodes is working with a fund of €27 million raised from both public and private sector investors. It is currently seeking to complete a €17m Series A funding round by early next year, in order to finance the continued development of its haemorrhagic stroke drug candidate. 

The main goal of the Series A funding is to complete a Phase IIA study in the 3rd quarter of 2024 this round of funding is also expected to support the discovery of other novel anti-inflammatory drugs based in the unique activity on neutrophils. Series B funding will seek to raise €50 million towards the end of 2024, mainly from corporations and venture capital firms.

Belgium based Bioxodes, led by CEO Marc Dechamps specializes in the development of novel therapies for the prevention and treatment of thrombotic and inflammatory diseases. Since it was founded in 2013, Bioxodes has developed its own flagship program based around its Ir-CPI molecule. Ir-CPI is a first-in-class drug candidate aimed at patients with thromboinflammatory disease. 

For further information on Bioxodes and news on its pioneering drugs, ongoing research and trials, please visit the company website –