From left to right: Zhien Peng, Chairman of Aurisco Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., Jinliang Li, General Manager of Shanghai Aurisco Biotechnology Co., LTD., Yun Zhou, Cytiva China Enterprise Solutions Director, Lihua Yu, General Manager of Cytiva China.

Located in Yangzhou of East China, Aurisco’s new commercial manufacturing site is expected to produce 200 kilograms of oligonucleotides each year.

Aurisco, an innovative pharmaceutical company and CDMO (contract development and manufacturing organization) in China, is cooperating with Cytiva, a global science leader, to build its first Oligo FlexFactory platform for commercial production. Enabled with better speed and efficiency, Aurisco will deliver more oligonucleotides and better serve its customers around the world.

The Oligo FlexFactory platform is the first of the three planned commercial manufacturing lines of Aurisco in Yangzhou of East China. And this whole manufacturing site is expected to produce 200 kilograms of oligonucleotides every year.

Oligonucleotides are synthetic strands of DNA or RNA that can be used as therapies, diagnostics by binding to a target gene or protein sequence. Oligonucleotide therapeutics, including siRNA (small interfering RNA) and ASO (antisense oligonucleotide), hold promise in treating cancers, Parkinson’s diseases, and various other conditions. The global oligonucleotide synthesis market is expected to reach USD 16.7 billion by 2027, according to Research and Markets[1].

Peng Zhi’en, Chairman of Aurisco, says: “Aurisco is committed into continuous technological innovation that will help our customers deliver better and safer medicines to patients around the world. I believe the cooperation with Cytiva will facilitate our mission by bringing better speed and efficiency to the commercial production of oligonucleotides.”

During this cooperation, Cytiva will offer a comprehensive enterprise solution to Aurisco. It includes an Oligo FlexFactory GMP platform and various technical and service support, such as talent training, process design of the manufacturing site, as well as life-cycle project management.

It’s not the first time Aurisco has collaborated with Cytiva. Previously, with the support of Cytiva’s products and service, Aurisco has launched oligonucleotide CRO (contract research organization) and CDMO services of laboratory and pilot scales in Shanghai.

In the future, Aurisco and Cytiva will look into more cooperative opportunities, accelerating the delivery of life-changing medicines to more patients.