Medical technology is a complex discipline related to diagnosis, treatment, improving health and saving lives. Award winning Project Medtech provides targeted consultancy / advisory services and an original podcast series to assist start-up companies accelerate growth within this evolving medical sector. 

For emerging start-up companies within the medical technology industry the old adage ‘time is money’ will always ring true. The more efficiently a company can bring their product or service to the market, the quicker it can become a source of revenue. 

Being a market leader undoubtedly provides greater opportunities for potential business partnerships, but conversely that entrepreneurial journey always brings a plethora of unexpected issues. To overcome these environmental challenges in a resourceful and effective manner requires time, effort and resources as well as strategic knowledge, go-to-market planning, budgeting and financial forecasting, milestone development, etc – and a whole host more! 

A passion for innovation within healthcare

In the two years since Duane Mancini, CEO and Managing Partner, established Project Medtech in 2020 and brought in his other Co-Founders, Rich Mazzola and Aaron TenHuisen, this innovative US based organisation has become the gateway for providing relevant medical technology resources to start-ups. Their team boasts collective experience in the Medtech start-up space, and the business prides itself on being the number one medical device-focused platform bringing together influential industry stakeholders from across the world. 

This award winning consultancy and advisory organisation provides regular podcasts sharing expertise with like-minded founders, thought leaders, investors and entrepreneurs within the medical technology space, and has become known as a one-stop shop for start-up companies. The underlying vision for its work being a real passion and determination to foster innovation, accelerate medical technology to market and ultimately improve healthcare and saving lives.

The Project Medtech Podcast Series

Project Medtech supports the medical technology start-up community through two distinctive podcast series – Project Medtech and Medtech Money – both of which provide niche advice for a growing international audience. These podcasts are available through the following links, and also via Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 

Project Medtech ( or is a regular interview style podcast where guests share stories, advice, pitfalls, trends and innovations. Recent episodes have focused on an extensive range of issues, including patents and infringements, global regulatory strategy, the landscape across various geographies and technology within healthcare environments.     

Complementing this, the Medtech Money podcasts hosted by Giovanni Lauricella (Partner, Network & Media Services) concentrate on some of the financial aspects needed to establish a medtech business while demystifying the process of raising and investing capital. Recent episodes have covered the differences between angel investors and venture capital, seed funding, how the current economic climate has had an impact on raising capital, as well as real life experience and advice from various C-suite leaders.    

Across the board, testimonials are united in praising the Medtech podcast content. A new listener describes how he started listening to Project Medtech to better educate himself about the medical device business, and has found it to be both informative and inspiring. 

A medtech professional who had completed graduate studies at a renowned US college and undertaken Medtech innovation programmes expresses gratitude to Project Medtech for opening up this knowledge to the public, stating that the information given by guests was better than his lectures. 

A testimonial from one of the contributors relays the positive outcomes from being involved in one of the money based podcasts, explaining that the content is highly relevant for early-stage CEOs and CFOs, and in particular those new to the start-up world and in their first or second raise. Following the airing of his segment, this participant has had several companies reach out for further advice, and is pleased to be able to assist them.

Project Medtech Start-up Symposium

In addition to online broadcasting, Project Medtech’s reach in informing and educating its growing community also extends to live events.  Billed as a gathering of medtech minds, its Medtech Start-up Symposium delivers business and start-up skills – via a network of industry thought leaders – to those wishing to find out more about the process of building a successful medical technology venture. The symposium includes opportunities for one-to-one time with other attendees and speakers, networking events, educational presentations, and thought leader panel discussions.

Consulting and Advisory

A further important offering from the Medtech team is its consulting and advisory service which offers a tailor made, flexible approach to helping medtech start-up companies achieve success.

To help navigate the complexities around establishing a medtech company, the Project Medtech team’s expertise covers the value add areas, including strategic finance, management consulting, corporate strategy, go to market strategy, product and project management, and investment strategy. 

The approach based on acquiring a thorough knowledge and understanding of both a client and their product or service is a simple yet effective one which revolves around analysis, optimising and adapting.

  • In depth analysis identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the milestone stages needed. Armed with this knowledge the Project Medtech team are then able to leverage its network to mitigate imminent obstacles and the potential for future pitfalls.  
  • Optimising builds on the results of the initial analysis, enabling the team to create a unique blueprint for growth. 
  • Adapting relates to providing continued support to match the evolving requirements of a successful business and aligning support to its vision, ethos and goals. 

This three-pronged strategy is enhanced by the strong network of the core Project Medtech team, plus effective collaboration with reputable industry partners to ensure practical and invaluable insight. 

The team takes time to gain a deep understanding of the technology, processes, aims and ambitions of their clients, drawing upon the respective area of expertise to provide support through its ever-increasing network. 

This, as highlighted by Duane Mancini, CEO, is Project Medtech’s main differentiator from similar organisations within the consulting and advisory sector. From initially establishing Project Medtech through to its current standing as a proven service provider, his objective has always been to add value to medtech start-ups. Whether this is achieved through fractionalizing value add roles to determine how various strategies will influence other aspects of the business or by reaching out to collaborative partners, Project Medtech continues to connect these scaling start-ups to the individual resources they need in order to be successful.    

From inception to market, US based Project Medtech is committed to the development of medtech start-up companies. For further details on the comprehensive range of support offered, up to date broadcasts of the Project Medtech Podcast Series and information on how to partner with this innovative award winning organisation, please visit the company website – or