Synopsis: CRYOPDP is a Global specialist in Life science & Healthcare temperature-controlled logistics and supply chain solutions, with a mission to improve people’s health worldwide. Here we learn how the company’s innovative solutions kept the wheels of the pharmaceutical industry turning throughout a global pandemic.

Over recent years, we have seen huge breakthroughs in science and healthcare innovation, finding new answers for specific diseases and overcoming circumstances that might have a substantial human cost. 

This became particularly clear during the Covid-19 pandemic, as pharmaceutical companies worldwide mobilised and worked together to trial a wide range of vaccines and therapeutics to diminish the risk of a virus that was threatening society. 

One of the many obstacles that had to be overcome was the fact that while the need for trial participants was at its highest, hospitals, clinics, health professionals, and patients were being stretched and conditioned, decreasing the possibility of keeping everything ongoing as planned.  

Saving Lives Through Innovation 

This challenging environment and the restriction of movement and contact among people led to many innovative and potential live-saving clinical trials being carried out. This was undertaken through a decentralised trial design that utilised virtual medicine and direct-to-patient (DtP) techniques.

These adaptations, alongside the focus on improving and saving patient’s lives through innovative and effective drug therapies completely adapted to patients’ needs, are the reason why companies operate in the market. These companies are dedicated to ensuring they can overcome challenges and give a step forward in scientific investigation and the wellbeing of all humankind.

However, for the concept to come to life, the entire value chain must be considered. That means engaging with many different participants, all of whom have their different ideas and ways of working. Not only are Pharma and Biopharma critical to survival, but research labs are also essential, and patients are at the core of the process. 

The Missing Link 

It’s also necessary to count on temperature-controlled supply chain & logistics companies. Without logistics and supply chain services, we are missing the link that makes everything possible. 

One of those companies is CRYOPDP. This Global specialist in temperature-controlled logistics and supply chain solutions has a mission to improve people’s health worldwide, while working alongside Clinical Research and Cell & Gene Communities. 

Ensuring that customers and patients are the heart of its operations, CRYOPDP went further to better understand customers’ perceptions of the impact of the pandemic and work with them to provide new options. 

Direct to Patient: A New Solution to a Global Crisis 

With innovation at the forefront of all operations, CRYOPDP has been able to convert a challenge into an opportunity by running a complex operation into a highly efficient process. Efficiency, quality, and reliability are essential, and with patients’ lives depending on every shipment, there’s no room for failure. Patients are at the centre of CRYOPDP’s business, which is why the company’s new Direct-to-Patient service was the most natural step for the company during the pandemic. This agile solution can be adapted according to patients’ and customers’ needs, offering huge efficiencies and total peace of mind. Not only does it benefit the patient by ensuring their meds are delivered reliably and on time, it also helps with clinical trials. The recruitment of trial participants has increased by up to 60% while retention rates have grown to over 95%.

Cell and gene therapies are now able to be much more patient centric. The increase of this personalised medicine is influencing the development of supply chain solutions, and patients are, again, at the heart of everything. 

These therapies demand rigour, precision, and certainty – which means(.) temperature-controlled logistics and supply chain solutions that do not fail.  CRYOPDP can meticulously handle the entire supply chain process. 

CRYOPDP’s CEO, Cedric Picaud, is the visionary leader who has enabled  the company to excel in its field and improve the lives of patients everywhere. With Cedric at the helm, CRYOPDP excels in providing innovative, temperature-controlled solutions for all healthcare players, including those in the cell and gene therapies market. 

The Big Why?

Cedric’s leadership asks his people to think about the Why? Speaking to Business Worldwide Magazine he explained, “This “why” should be why our employees are inspired to spend time and energy on our business. At CRYOPDP, our mission is to improve people’s health worldwide, which is why my team is dedicated and passionate about their work.”

Under the values of value creation, teamwork, integrity, and passion, CRYOPDP’s team operates globally with operational performance of 99.96%. “And this could not be possible without our people. They are the true reason for everything, and they are the ones that are making everything possible. “It is important to have a passion for supporting and serving others. Without a passion for doing this, it would be challenging(.), he said.

Diversity is an asset for a global company operating in more than 150 countries. According to Picaud, “The wealth of a team lies in its differences. The more that your team varies in values, gender, age or even culture, the stronger they will be when facing challenges and difficulties. The more people open their teams to diversity, the more it will enable them and others to step out of their comfort zone and embrace different perspectives. They will challenge, and they will be challenged to reach different outcomes. And then growth happens. 

And when dealing with health and science, a mindset of innovation and the capability of overcoming barriers is essential. The decision to do more, discover more and exceed expectations is what drives the business.

 Cedric Picaud’s favourite quote is, “Nothing is impossible unless you think it is.” Because your limits in life are the ones you set for yourself(“). 

This is what makes CRYOPDP what it is today: a global and expanding LIfe Science & Healthcare temperature-controlled logistic and supply chain expert provider with eyes on innovation and the desire to exceed customer  expectations.
This  global company is dedicated to improving the health of people around the world in everything it does. To find out more, visit