SynapsCore is a SaaS product for businesses looking for an innovative solution to manage their strategy, projects and operations. Here we learn more about the solution and the man behind the vision – Serge Dautrif.

In the continuity of the agricultural revolution of the 18th century, the industrial revolution of the 19th century and the tertiary revolution of the 20th century, the knowledge economy constitutes the great economic revolution of the 21st century. Also known as the Fourth Economic Revolution/Industry 4.0, this new revolution occurs in a global context of awareness of the environmental and social limits of the modern economy.

Reinventing management

The traditional management model of large companies is obsolete. Large matrix organizations can no longer respond to the contradictory injunctions of performance and agility of the modern economy –  the process of creative destruction is at work and thousands of jobs and businesses are doomed to disappear.

The OKR methodology

Developed in the 1960s by the CEO of Intel (Andy Grove) and adopted by the founders of Google, the management methodology by Objectives and Key Results quickly established itself as the management system for modern companies. This system, based on a quarterly management cycle, mobilizes the power of collective intelligence to align all employees on common priorities. The transparency and simplicity of the system optimize the individual commitment of employees, the collective efficiency of teams and the overall agility of the organization.

Consulting and Technology

Since 2014, SynapsCore has offered a turnkey solution to help large companies understand and implement the OKR management system. This offer includes a full range of services (training, coaching, strategy, and transformation consulting) and revolutionary technology that uses the power of collective intelligence to identify opportunities, define priorities, align objectives, drive business plans. action and measure results.

SynapsCore operates in various sectors and supports the General Management of many French and foreign companies such as Technip, Total, Air Liquide, Nespresso, Axa and Capgemini, to name a few.

The solution offers three main types of intervention:

• Strategy Execution

SynapsCore trains and supports General Management to define a company’s strategic objectives and translate them into quarterly OKRs throughout the organization. SynapsCore technology makes it possible to align all the individual and collective objectives of employees vertically and horizontally.

• Project management

SynapsCore trains and supports the project management team to define the objectives, indicators, phases, sites, deliverables, action plans, and resources of the project. SynapsCore technology helps to manage project actions, risks, and results.

• Operational Excellence

SynapsCore trains and supports operational teams to assess process performance and to eliminate all forms of waste (money, time, energy, materials, information, etc.). SynapsCore technology makes it possible to disseminate operational best practices very quickly.

SynapsCore technology

The SynapsCore platform makes it quick and easy to mobilize thousands of people to collect ideas, detect opportunities, define priorities, deploy objectives, pilot action plans and measure results.

Usable in 130 languages, the platform can be used to strengthen collaboration with customers, suppliers, and business partners around shared objectives (innovation, carbon footprint, traceability, etc.).

About Serge Dautrif

Serge has built an impressive career in strategy and transformation consulting. Trained as an engineer, he began his career in the oil industry by supervising teams responsible for testing and starting up oil rigs and refineries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. He then completed his training with an MBA from HEC Paris and then spent a year in Boston doing a double degree. He then studied at Harvard, MIT and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

In 2000, Serge Dautrif joined the Strategy department of the consulting firm Gemini, then in 2004 founded the consulting firm KARISTEM. He ran this firm for 10 years and led the acquisition of 5 other firms before selling his shares in 2014 to launch SYNAPSCORE.

From 2000 to 2010, he taught strategy to HEC Paris MBA students. He has been a member of the Harvard Club of Boston since 2000.

Serge’s typical working day

Serge typically spends 12 hours a day at work, 90% of which is spent in the office.  He starts every day with an hour of sport, with another after lunch. The rest of his day combines  marketing and communications, business development, customer success management, technology road mapping and client/partner meetings.

Serge’s three tips for young entrepreneurs

1) Have a true balance in life: exercise regularly, go out and have fun and don’t wait to start a family.

2) Have confidence in yourself: all choices are good if you get to know yourself and develop useful skills

3) Don’t copy others: forget all the great stories and success stories. Focus on your project and don’t try to go too fast. It is success that will make you accelerate, not the opposite.

And lastly, we asked Serge what other leaders he admires: 

“I admire all the people who give their all in their passion, who strive for excellence and who know how to remain humble: such as the adventurer Mike Horn and the chef Pierre Gagnaire.”

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