In a world of ever-increasing challenge, companies must be able to make important decisions quickly, but how do you gain genuinely valuable insight into datasets and concepts that are vast, complex and ever changing? 

While many assume the answer is artificial intelligence or machine learning, the reality is that technology is only part of the solution. Award winning Gianni Bientinesi, CEO of Business Intelligence Group, has discovered the complete solution and companies around the world are benefiting from his unique approach.

Three years ago, Mr Bientinesi launched the Business Intelligence Group with the purpose of helping companies make the best possible decisions to accelerate their growth through high-tech and innovative activities. 

Since then, the company has grown at an impressive rate, and despite the challenges faced by the global Covid-19 pandemic, has continued to thrive and expand its offering – a remarkable feat in itself. During this time, the business has understandably pivoted as it learns how best to align its own skills and mission with the real needs of the market based on Mr Bientinesi’s original vision.

After his graduation from the University of Turin, Mr Bientinesi first embraced a career as a researcher where it immediately became clear that he had a passion and ability for the specialism that few around the world could match. His university research thesis became recognised as one of the best and with this credibility Mr Bientinesi was able to find his way into a number of high-quality partnerships and career opportunities.

While he continued to impress as a researcher, it was when he became involved in supporting the marketing function at a major national brand in Italy, that his destiny became apparent. His research skills were matched with his understanding of business and how to advise others on how to do things better – a powerful leader was born!

Rigorous data analysis plus high-quality consultative customer service

After many years of working for others, Mr Bientinesi’s vision of creating his own business came to fruition in 2019 when he founded Business Intelligence Group. Having always been a great believer in the power of technology, the Italian entrepreneur has been able to blend together rigorous data analysis with the highest quality consultative customer service. This combination of technology with human expertise has helped Business Intelligence Group quickly expand to such a point where it stands between being a Market Research Institute and a Technology Company in addition to providing strategic consulting, and now specialises in issues regarding retail and large distribution, home and living, automotive and transportation, technology and innovation, eco-sustainability and health and wellness.

An unrelenting focus on detail

The company prides itself on being able to provide the right information, at the right time to help its clients make better informed decisions. Its ability to turn vast amounts of data into concrete business actions is hugely valuable. Global organisations collected huge amounts of data over their lifespan, and most know that extremely valuable insight is contained within it. However, having the data is one thing, but being able to turn it into actionable insight is a very different challenge. From a process point of view, the Business Intelligence Group understands that the all-important first step is to genuinely understand the problem you’re trying to solve. The Group’s team dedicate quality time with clients, digging deep to find the issues that need to be solved. By having a detailed understanding of the real problem, it’s far easier to create an effective solution. This way of thinking is something that Mr Bientinesi refers to as “no frills,” adding that it’s the unrelenting focus on detail that matters. 

This approach is especially attractive to the large international organisations that form such a large part of the Business Intelligence Group’s extensive customer base. Typically, these organisations now cross many sectors of business, including consumer electronics, human resources, manufacturers, communication agencies, consulting firms, as well as market research institutes.  

A positive attitude and a ‘can-do’ culture  

While the company boasts an inspiring range of service offerings, and notable professional experience and expertise, it refuses to rest on its laurels. A positive attitude revolving round the motto of ‘It can be done’ ensures that it adapts and evolves its offering to a competitive market, whilst also staying both fresh and relevant in finding well-aligned solutions. Indeed, Mr Bientinesi is well aware that his own curiosity and varied career has helped him create a culture that genuinely supports an innovative approach to everything his organisation does. Never underestimating the importance of determination even in the face of terrifying challenge is a strong company ethic, he prides himself on.

The success of the Business Intelligence Group is also unique. Under the leadership of Mr Bientinesi, the organisation is one of the only innovative start-up companies in Italy capable of creating forecast models, business intelligence systems, geo-marketing and market research involving the ongoing development of artificial intelligence systems for processing big data. Additionally, it is one of the few tech innovation centres in the world that has been able to deliver success and growth during an extremely challenging period.  

Looking to the Future

As Business Intelligence Group looks to the future, the core offerings of the business will continue to respond to the demands of new products, new customers, new channels and new needs. From a technology perspective, the organisation is keen to continue its investment journey, recognising that once you position yourself as a leader, there’s only one way to go! However, whilst technology will always be a key aspect of the company, Mr Bientinesi ensures that his team focus on the importance of human expertise. Its clients are complex organisations, and by understanding their values and organisational logics, Business Intelligence Group can identify the necessary information to craft effective solutions. 

Business Intelligence Group makes use of a proprietary technological platform enabling it to collect, organise and analyse a large amount of data through big data techniques and artificial intelligence systems. The company also offers consulting and training services through its e-learning platform regarding marketing and corporate communication. 

For further information on the wide range of services provided – software data and analytics, intelligent detection systems, market research and surveys, consulting and training, as well as a detailed explanation and benefits of its software, please visit the company website –