Byrna Technologies Inc. has signed a marketing agreement with Tito Ortiz, the former MMA champion and former member of the Huntington Beach City Council.

As part of the agreement, Ortiz is featured in an animated video campaign illustrating the power of Byrna’s non-lethal self-defense products. The animated video targeting adults who watch adult cartoons such as The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, et al. has been viewed over 100,000 times since its launch on YouTube in early April. 

“I am obviously a big, strong guy,” commented Ortiz.  “Although I could potentially end a bad guy’s life with my bare hands, I have no desire to do so. Law-abiding citizens are not killers.  We want to live peacefully but we are “Prepared to Defend” ourselves should the situation arise. This is why I support Byrna and their non-lethal launchers platform. For the record, I’m an avid 2A supporter that owns firearms but using deadly force should be the last resort.”

Luan Pham, Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer, added, “The Tito creative allowed us to tell our brand story by associating Byrna’s effective stopping power akin to having Tito Ortiz by your side wherever you go.  A few weeks into the campaign, we are experiencing a 75% increase in daily sessions while attracting new consumers to the Byrna platform. We are incredibly pleased with this partnership and look forward to continuing our relationship with Tito.”

Known as the “Un Gun,” Byrna products are manufactured using glass-reinforced polymers and aircraft grade aluminum. Each SD contains more than 100 precision parts, incorporating technology from both real firearms and gas-fired launchers. The non-lethal protection is a result of .68 caliber projectiles, filled with a powerful chemical irritant, that are designed to burst upon impact and disperse a cloud of powerful pepper and tear gas powder.

 “Two things really impressed me about Byrna when compared to other products on the market,” stated Ortiz. “The first is that while it looks like a gun, no permit’s required and you can transport across all 50 states which I do during my travels. The second is the fact that Byrna Launchers don’t shoot bullets, so my fiancé isn’t afraid to use it. Knowing my family will have protection while I am traveling gives me great peace of mind.”

Byrna Nation is growing every day with consumers who support protecting themselves with the non-lethal technology provided by Byrna Technologies. The newest hero is Tito Ortiz.