With a community size that continues to see exponential growth, Wasder AB is passionate about striking the balance between providing genuinely innovative technology and a focus on users’ wellbeing and protection. 

In the world of technology, the gaming industry is so often the source of cutting-edge advancement when it comes to immersive environments, compelling user experience and scalable architecture. However, few gaming organisations have prioritised the wellbeing of the users and the broader community in the way that Swedish company Wasder AB have under the leadership of CEO, Thomas Gronnevik. Wasder is an inclusive global social gaming microverse that provides a multitude of tools that solve the biggest challenges users worldwide face. By providing a framework to millions of gamers, Wasder gives the industry access to what they need — a unified target audience and a framework where their offering makes it easier for users to access quickly. With their upcoming Wasder NFT Drop, they are taking that next step in helping support and engage their growing community.

The gaming industry is vast and shows no signs of slowing down its growth rate. Forecasts predict that the industry will be worth over $540billion inside the next five years and will grow at a consistent rate of 13% year on year. 

Within this market, there are many players, large and small, and while the content creators are obviously crucial to the ongoing growth of the sector, an interesting aspect of the market is the gaming communities that have established themselves to support and delight gamers. Many might naively view gamers as people who spend time alone, but the gaming world is one of interaction and friendship with some healthy rivalry thrown in for good measure. Wasder AB has been a key player in creating and growing one of these communities, and with over half a million users (and counting) in their community, they are certainly a force to be reckoned with. 

With that size comes a great deal of responsibility not only to provide the audience with ever improving technical experience and functionality, but also to protect and represent the gamers, their rights and their wellbeing.

This is where Wasder truly sets itself apart from its rivals. By providing a combination of cutting edge experience with a genuinely purposeful mission to make the industry a healthier and happier place for all, the Stockholm based company is setting the standard that others will have to live up to.

Thomas Gronnevik, award winning CEO of Wasder AB, tells us more about his approach and future ambitions.

Thomas, thank you for joining us. There are so many exciting initiatives that Wasder are involved in right now but before we dive into those, can you help our readers understand the underlying ambition behind the company please?

At its heart, Wasder is passionately and relentlessly focused on ensuring that the gaming world is one of inclusivity, diversity and respect. For us, the gaming community should be one where friends, new and old, come together to play and explore together and where everyone feels safe and welcome. 

In order to achieve this vision, we focus on creating a community where people can come together to discover and enjoy gaming content and experiences that delight and inspire them. Our global, gamified social microverse provides a range of tools for our 530,000+ users to help them get the most out of their gaming experience.

That sounds very exciting. Can you help us understand what you mean by tools please?

There are the core tools that include functionality such as Matchmaking, Communities, Party Chats, Game Spaces, and personalised feeds which our users can use to make new friends, stay in touch with old ones and discover a never-ending selection of new content to enjoy. But we go well beyond those tools when we look at ways to support our users.

Could you tell us more about the innovative technology you’re using to support your users? 

As I mentioned earlier, our mission is to ensure the gaming world is one focused on inclusivity. Therefore, everything we do both in terms of the functionality we provide, the frameworks we create for our communities and even the underlying technology is created with inclusivity and democracy in mind. 

Our ecosystem is built using blockchain technology which means we can provide true ownership of the in-game items such as NFTs and a genuinely decentralised environment based on equality. 

It’s interesting that you mention NFTs there. They are obviously a big topic at the moment in the gaming world and the world in general. How is Wasder embracing the concept?

Wasder always looks to use technology to solve a problem and make things better. So we’ve got an upcoming NFT drop that is going to focus on supporting female empowerment that we’re really excited about. 

We’ve also created a broader token ecosystem that acts like a circular economy where users are rewarded for using existing functionality and testing new experiences. 

Of course the users are only part of the equation though so we’re also working hard to use this approach to reward the content creators for all the great work they put in and ensure the economy truly is circular and beneficial for all involved. 

It sounds like there’s lots going on. How do you keep the pace up and not let the quality drop?

Quite simply it’s about two factors – hiring truly talented people and then creating a culture that they can thrive within. 

Of course the technology we use is crucial but who do you think creates that technology? Our team. Without them, none of this would be possible and we wouldn’t be able to achieve our ambitious goals

When looking to bring new people into the team, I’m really careful to ensure that we don’t just hire based on skill. We need people who are great at what they do of course, but just as important is that they bring a real passion for our mission and the community. Without that combination of talent and passion, we won’t be able to achieve what we want to achieve.

“I also believe I have a big responsibility to ensure that Wasder is a place that individuals love to come to work at. This means that we invest heavily in our culture and our team to ensure that they feel valued, respected, and challenged in the right balance. 

And what does the future hold for you and Wasder?

Oh, there’s so much in the pipeline. We’re currently looking at greater development on all of our tools so that the experience just becomes richer and more compelling and of course our token system has got an exciting roadmap to it that will see us rewarding all members of our community.

Wasder brings friends together, forms communities and enables sharing of gaming content. Users build a personalised profile showcasing favourite games and achievements, connect with others and play games via a friendly environment. Player created communities are the heart of gaming, and Wasder’s fun, friendly innovative platform leads the way.  
For detailed information on Wasder’s exciting gaming services and its upcoming new initiatives please visit the company website at www.wasder.gg. Also available to download via the App on App Store and Google Play