In Mexico, the Aliada Digital Card is more than just a means of payment; it is an ally in women’s daily lives that can be used at different stages and moments in their lives. Its ecosystem offers benefits that no other digital card in Mexico can provide.

Officially launched in mid-March 2022, the Aliada Digital Card is available to all Mexican women over the age of 18 who wish to start or improve their credit history or continue exploring new forms of financing.

In addition to financial services, the Aliada Digital Card offers a range of free basic assistance, such as a 24-hour online doctor, ambulance service, unlimited online counseling with a psychologist, legal advice and one-click concierge services, as well as all the benefits offered by the MasterCard Gold Card.

The Aliada Digital Card is a new product launched by NanoPay, a part of the OPLAY Group, a new player in the digital financial services sector in the Mexican market. NanoPay has been officially launched to the public for five months with the support of MasterCard as a strategic partner. Laura Cruz, president of MasterCard’s Mexico and Central America division, describes the company as having “flexibility and a range of solutions that we have not seen in other similar companies to date.”

“According to the United Nations Development Program, only one third of Mexican women in Mexico have access to the financial system. That’s why Aliada Digital Card, together with its strategic partner MasterCard, is looking to bring these services to this area for expansion,” mentioned Heye Guo, CEO of NanoPay.

“With the growing push for women’s empowerment over the past few years, economic independence is a key factor in strengthening Mexico’s economic development, and that’s what NanoPay’s Aliada Digital Card seeks to be part of the evolution. Currently, there are no diversity credit products on the market that specifically target women,” said Jose Luis Mateos, NanoPay’s Chief Operating Officer.

NanoPay’s Aliada digital card is helping Mexican women change their lifestyles and balance their personal lives and financial needs through digital applications.