Taylored Services, LLC, an award-winning multi-channel fulfillment company, was successful in its bid to operate directly at the Port of Los Angeles (POLA). With 85 acres of land and 600,000 sq. ft. of warehousing facilities, the benefits of additional yard space in the area will assist Taylored in alleviating pressure from downstream congestion and increasing flow through the port.

“This is a critical time at the Port of LA, with national attention focused on the performance of our supply chains,” said Brian Southwell, Vice President of Operations for Taylored Services. “We have been recognized by the Port of LA as a premier service provider that can aid in the flow of products from the port using our freight handling, yard management and transportation services. This is a game changer for our company!”

The new facility expansion, referred to as “Taylored POLA,” will showcase an abundance of available secured trailer and container storage, 24/7 surveillance, transloading services, and warehouse space right at the port for new and existing clients. Taylored POLA will consist of 79 dock positions, giving customers the ability to save time, cut costs, and increase efficiency.

Faster distribution by professional drayage services, operated by experienced, professional drivers, can be a significant savings in time and money.

“We intend to provide cross-docking, transloading services, and off-dock container transitioning services (free-flow yard, empty return site, container storage), all designed to assist with the efficient flow of containers to/from the Port of Los Angeles.” – Jim DeVeau (CEO).

Taylored Services’ ongoing efforts for port-centric expansion supports the company`s vision of strategic nationwide growth. Recent announcements from the company highlight plans to provide first-in-class service at every major port region, including the recent opening of its location at the Port of Savannah, GA, and expansion of its headquarters. Striving to provide consistent excellence in service, Taylored maintains a performance-minded initiative for its clients’ success.

Their new facility at the Port of Savannah was announced on October 20, 2021. This location provides over 300,000 sq. ft. of space that will pioneer a world class Körber cloud-based warehouse management system, that features advanced automation through Locus robotics. This location is slated to begin transloading and cross-docking operations as early as Q2 2022 and will take on new fulfillment receipts in June 2022.

“The addition of the Port of LA property to the Taylored portfolio creates a significant opportunity for our customers, augmenting the services we’re able to provide in close proximity to the port,” said Todd Morrison, SVP of West Coast Operations. “The addition of significant transloading capacity and trailer parking allows us to provide economical and efficient services and to support the Port of LA through the supply chain crunch.”