CytoReason, a leading developer of computational disease models for efficient drug discovery and development, today announced the extension of its collaboration agreement with Pfizer.

“The extension of our collaboration with CytoReason will build upon our existing data science capabilities, and further enhance our ability to make data-driven decisions across our portfolio,” said Mikael Dolsten, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer and President, Worldwide Research, Development and Medical of Pfizer. “We are excited to continue this successful partnership, which has helped us investigate challenging biological questions to potentially inform the development of new therapies for the benefit of patients.”

CytoReason has established itself as a global leader in computational modeling of human diseases. The company’s multidisciplinary team of 65 leading biologists, bioinformaticians and data engineers has developed a technology that enables pharma and biotech companies to speed up drug R&D and bring novel therapies to the patients who most need them.

Since launching the collaboration in 2019, Pfizer has used CytoReason’s models in Pfizer’s research to enhance the understanding of the immune system in pursuit of developing innovative drugs. CytoReason’s platform has provided Pfizer with multiple insights in a number of R&D programs across over 20 diseases.

“It’s exciting to see our technology in the hands of such a stellar group of scientists,” said David Harel, CytoReason’s CEO and Co-founder. “Our work with the Pfizer team has demonstrated how our computational models can potentially match the right treatment to the right patient groups, across multiple therapeutic areas. Through this collaboration and our growing customer base worldwide, we aim to establish our platform as