The company introduces JUDI and MRKT as Healthcare Inventory Solutions

SxanPro, a healthcare inventory technology company, today announced the launch of JUDI™ and MRKT, digital solutions for managing and monetizing surplus supplies. SxanPro continues to partner with healthcare facilities to help effectively manage their medical supply and capital asset inventories. The company leverages technology to replace manual inventorying processes allowing healthcare facilities to save time and resources which can be redirected at improving patient care.

“We are excited to release JUDI and MRKT to the industry. Hospital staff are able to capture inventory data using the mobile app, make proactive decisions using the analytics provided and then we help them recover lost dollars from their unused and overstock devices,” says Ashlea Souffrou, SxanPro founder and president. “By creating these solutions, SxanPro has positioned itself as a full-service provider, taking healthcare one step closer to becoming a zero-waste industry.”

JUDI, Just the Unique Device Identifier, uses SxanPro’s patented mobile application technology to scan the unique device identifier (UDI) to capture manufacturer information, including expiration date and lot number. JUDI was developed from the company’s flagship mobile application and features a similar, user-friendly interface, but provides an expanded entry profile and dashboard analytics. Users can attach photos and documents to each entry and easily sort, filter and search lists in the administration portal.

With the 2013 ruling from the FDA that requires the label of any medical device to include a UDI in full effect, the technology offered by SxanPro is giving healthcare facilities the ability to adopt the UDI into standard processes with ease. 

MRKT is a SxanPro hosted online marketplace and is the industry’s only dedicated auction and purchasing platform for supply disposables and instrumentation. MRKT evolved from healthcare facilities using the SxanPro mobile app and identifying supply overstock and needing alternative solutions to prevent unused products from expiring on the shelves. This solution supports the mission at SxanPro to reduce landfill waste by selling unused medical supplies and instruments to distributors, hospitals and medical missions worldwide.

“SxanPro will be able to create a bigger space for the monetization of surplus inventory of medical devices because of the JUDI technology.  Being able to capture information on supplies for resale faster and more efficiently than any other company in the market puts JUDI and MRKT out in front,” says Erik Tivin, chairman of the board at SxanPro.