Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (“Zoomlion”; 1157.HK) exported the ZCC32000 crawler crane to Turkey on September 16, setting a new record for the largest tonnage crane exported from China, fully demonstrating the growing brand influence and market competitiveness of Zoomlion’s high-end products in international markets.

The 2,000-ton ZCC32000 is an all-conditions product with maximum load moment of 32,000 ton-meters and maximum boom height reaching 168 meters, and has adopted the modular super-wide dual-boom design. It can adapt to a variety of complex hoisting conditions with improved lifting performance of 10-20 percent compared to products of the same class. The model can switch between single-engine or double-engine operation per the user’s hoisting needs, selecting either low fuel consumption or strengthened power operation. The system is highly safe and secure, and can achieve efficient disassembly and assembly.

“Zoomlion’s crawler cranes have performed well in construction with high efficiency, excellent equipment safety, stability and reliability, proving the quality of Chinese manufacturing is reliable and trustworthy,” said Zoomlion’s Partner in Turkey.

The product will be used in a nuclear power plant project before carrying out other wind power and petrochemical project hoisting tasks in Europe.

The export of ZCC32000 is the third time Zoomlion has broken the record for largest tonnage crane exported from China. Previous records were set by the ZCC9800W and ZCC12500 crawler cranes exported to Turkey in September 2020 and June 2021, respectively. Breaking record three times within one year showcased the technology strengths, product quality and brand appeal of Zoomlion’s cranes, hoisting the new flag of “high-end manufacturing in China” on the global stage.

“The key reason behind the Zoomlion’s continuous breakthroughs of crane export records is we have achieved persistent breakthroughs in core technology development, which has been recognized in the international market” said Luo Kai, vice president of Zoomlion and general manager of Zoomlion engineering crane branch.

In H1 2021, Zoomlion’s revenue overseas has increased by more than 52.28 percent, among which crane products grew strongly, with sales from January to August increasing by 60.8 percent year-on-year. Zoomlion’s sales volume of truck cranes 30 tons and above, has ranked first in the industry, and it holds the highest market share of crawler cranes in China.