Paul Jones of Bitrez Ltd, Anacarda Ltd and Chemical Processing Services Ltd has been named in the Business Worldwide 2021 Awards. Here we learn about his achievements to date.

Paul Jones FRSC is the owner and Managing Director of Bitrez Ltd and Anacarda Ltd,  as well as being the founder and owner of Chemical Processing Services Ltd. All three organisations are highly successful UK businesses that specialise in the design and development of speciality polymers. Paul has been responsible for the development of ground-breaking new products that have been recognised with a Queens award for enterprise in the innovation category, an iChemE global award and an array of supplementary awards for innovation, leadership, and supplier excellence. He was listed in the top 100 innovators and featured in the Chemistry for a Better Tomorrow documentary produced by ITN and the Chemical Industries Association (CIA), due to his global recognition for dynamic response to industry problems. 

Paul’s innovative approach to market demands and problem resolution has led to him gaining international recognition and success. In 2020 he was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, joining a select group of scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the field of chemistry. 

Empowering businesses to comply

The demands for innovative, compliant products has grown rapidly over recent years, since the introduction of the new Global Harmonised system of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) by the United Nations and the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) in Europe and the UK.  As many organisations were forced to either completely withdraw, phase out, or rationalise their product range Paul embraced the challenge presented by these regulations. He has developed products that allow compliance with the new stricter guidelines, empowering a wide range of customers to continue their businesses.  

There are numerous examples of  problem solving products that Paul has developed and successfully taken to market,  just a few of which are detailed below.

Following a worldwide health scare over the potential harm bisphenol A (BPA) can cause to humans, there was a need for BPA free systems. BPA based products were the accepted coating of choice for the food and drink industry for over 50 years and the need for a replacement product was not an easy task. However, scientific study and extensive media attention over potential endocrine disruption resulting in possible carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic to reproduction concerns, necessitated a series of new systems. Paul received a Queen’s Award for innovation as a result of his pioneering work in this field and his development of a highly successful BPA free polymer to satisfy the market needs. 

In another instance, further regulatory changes under EU-REACH led to the development of REACH compliant Ketimines to substitute the grades forced from the market due to health concerns, toxicity, and failure to meet regulatory requirements. Aside from the technical demands and compliance with legislative needs, Paul recognised the need to move away from petrochemical derivatives and look towards the generation of products that are derived for sustainable feedstocks. As such Paul has recently formulated a new green chemistry, “Furalkamine” epoxy curing agents, drawing attention from numerous areas. 

Good for business and the environment

This new chemistry developed by Paul is patent pending and covers a series of Bio derived products made from waste biomass which doesn’t impact on the food chain or cause deforestation.  The new range has been developed with due consideration of the 12 principles of green chemistry firmly in focus, offering a more sustainable route to replace the traditional fossil fuel derived resins in a wide range of applications. This includes the formulation of Bio based matrix systems for the transport sector enabling the manufacture of bio based advanced composites for light weighting and substitution of metallic components, in turn reducing fuel usage, carbon emissions, and environmental impact. 

This development falls alongside a myriad of other specialist products that meet the highest industry standards and are employed in a broad spectrum of industrial applications. Paul is expanding the business into new markets as well as geographically following the global harmonisation of the chemical sector. Paul employs around 100 people and in 2019, Bitrez transitioned to 24-hour operation, allowing them to produce higher amounts of specialist resins and polymers and compensating for products withdrawn from the market after extensive regulatory reform. 

Innovative approach to market demands

Paul has travelled extensively throughout the world organising agreements with multi-national organisations to enable direct supply, or local distribution when necessitated by smaller volume demand. His widespread activity gained him an enviable reputation for troubleshooting and dynamic problem solving skills, as well as negotiating exit strategies with BP, Shell, and DSM to further extend the Bitrez portfolio. 

When the company was facing a large obstacle that restricted growth,  Paul laid the groundwork for the future by setting up an Asian and US distribution network. He also initiated some deals to enable localised manufacture through tolling arrangements or licensing of technology. Georgia Pacific has become a partner for Bitrez, which as well as distributing Bitrez products in the US and Canada, enables toll converting for high-volume domestic requirements, unserviceable from the UK. This was a replication of the model Paul introduced for similar licence arrangements in the Middle East and other UK facilities, enabling growth in the UK. 

Paul is internationally acknowledged due to the innovative approach he takes to market demands. As well as R&D, he undertakes key account management and interfaces with research institutes and business partners. He attributes the success of his businesses to innovation and differentiation: “Challenged by larger organisations, offering inventive solutions and new technology has been key to survival. We have a clear understanding of requirements and consideration of product futureproofing. Our business model is driven by regulatory/technical demand, identifying performance and regulatory issues, in addition to  using R&D expertise to develop real solutions.”

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