SAP joined MarketUP to offer an integrated solution of ERP (that contemplates the internal process of managing business and sales) and a POS (Point of Sale software) in Brazil. The target of this integration of SAP Business One Cloud HANA and MarketUP’s POS solution is the small and medium market.

The tool is aimed at shopkeepers of all sizes, bringing the fast delivery of modular and cloud solutions as well as cutting-edge POS technology.

he initiative brings from beginning an advantage that should please the market: the cost up to 60% lower than offered by main competitors in the sector, and modular options according to the needs of each retailer. It is also a modern and flexible option, at the same time anchored in its base on the robustness and efficiency of SAP Business One, an integrated administration platform for all business activities, from accounting and CRM to supply chain and purchasing management. The solution can also be implemented locally (on-premise), using the existing infrastructure and according to its needs.

Partnership for the development of the best technology

Due to the unique advantages that this partnership brings it is expected that the joint offer will become the front runner solution for the small and medium retailers.

In this partnership, MarketUP contributes with the expertise of its leading software in the Brazilian market, currently present in more than 150 thousand retailers from different segments, and a new version of its POS software that brings many advances like, digital wallets and QR Codes compatibility, omnichannel, real-time data, speed, high scalability, ease of use and low maintenance, is built on PWA (Progressive Web Application) technology and runs on Desktops, tablets, cell phones and even on creditcard machines.

MarketUP’s knowledge and software together with the back office solution of the SAP ERP for growing companies – SAP Business One Cloud HANA – provides a solid, complete, and easy-to-use solution that provides full visibility of the entire business and total control over any detail related to operations.