US-based aircraft maker Airbus is gearing up for the assembly of its new aircraft- the A321XLR, media reports said. The A321XLR is the newest addition to the A320neo family.

Gary O’Donnell, Head of Airbus’ A321XLR programme said in a statement, “The production of components for the first A321XLR flight-test aircraft is progressing through the sites all across the world, for large and small components as well as systems.

“The production system, in particular, is now coming alive, with our teams receiving the design drawings from Airbus and the key risk-sharing design partners and bringing them into physical reality. This progress is already enabling Airbus’ factories across Europe and the UK to prepare their ‘pilot’ operations for the major component assembly phase to begin later this year.”

In September, Airbus unveiled three hydrogen-powered concept aircraft which use hydrogen as its primary source of power. These aircraft are designed to help Airbus reach its target of zero-net emissions. According to Airbus, these flights could enter into service by 2035. These hydrogen-powered concept aircraft launched by Airbus are called ZEROe.

According to media reports, these aircraft will be powered by a modified gas-turbine engine running on hydrogen, rather than jet fuel, through combustion. It will have a capacity for as many as 200 passengers and are very similar to its Airbus A321neo narrow-body that can fly more than 2,000 nautical miles. Airbus also unveiled a propeller plane that has a capacity to carry about 100 passengers for smaller distances and a flying-wing concept with 200 seats.