Emilia Fields has dedicated her career to making education accessible to all. Here she tells us about her experience, values and what motivated her to set up her consulting company FIEC. 

Emilia Fields’ extensive teaching experience ranges from Primary and Secondary to University lecturing, and she has presented at many conferences and events across Australia and overseas. Featured in several worldwide alumnae, newspaper and magazine articles, she has received countless recommendations from principals, agents, homestay families and students alike. 

With decades of experience of teaching – along with an intrinsic knowledge of how the school system works – under her belt, she decided to leave the formal school system in March 2020 to focus on her latest venture. We spoke to Emilia about her skills and experience, outlook and what led to her decision to establish FIEC.

BWM: You have had a very illustrious career to date, can you tell us a little bit about what brought you to where you are today?

EF: Prior to my decision to be a Consultant I enjoyed many years as Director of International Student Programs in schools. I developed and established excellent international student practices. I was widely sought out for my knowledge and advice and highly respected among Immigration Agents, International Student Promoters, Government Agencies, International Student Educators, families of students and home-stay providers. I have also enjoyed many years being a member of many working groups and committees dealing with educational matters as well as being the President for many years of “Vision International” which is an Association of Australian Schools. 

I was told that I provided clear guidance and leadership within the schools with two institutions reaching to the very top by receiving Global Awards as leaders of International Programs in Australia. What I did not know when I resigned from the school was that two days later, we were going to be in lockdown, and have been till October due to COVID-19 pandemic. Initially I found the lockdown extremely difficult as I have never been away from my beloved schools and students in my entire life. I love the connectivity with people, and the constant exchange of educational thoughts and practices. What I missed the most was the human presence and the face to face conversations which to me is the soul of life and living.

Three days after resigning from my last school I knew that all “happens for a reason…” I always wanted to consult and help many students, parents, teachers, and other international stakeholders on international challenges students may face. I was an international student myself as I came to Australia at the age of 14 and without a word of English. This led me to postgraduate study and research on international students studying abroad.

Having travelled to 25 countries on business for my schools to recruit students, interview parents and agents, and attend exhibitions, my love and passion within me told me very clearly that I really wanted to be an International Education Consultant. I really wanted to encapsulate my experience as a global expert in the field of International education… Well my dream soon became a reality.

BWM: How long did it take for FIEC to go from concept to success?

EF: It took only one month for the FIEC business to be completely set up, thanks to a wonderful team who fully supported my passion and had expertise on what was needed to move forward in the most professional manner. I was ready to start and I am incredibly happy to say that FIEC has flourished so well even during lockdown. Thanks to schools, education agents and other international education professionals for their support! I am now the Founder and Principal Consultant of FIEC and loving every minute of it!


The Consultancy combines enthusiasm and passion for education with world knowledge and the ability to operate at all levels, according to the individual needs of schools and students. 

Learners and educators can benefit from a wealth of knowledge and services, including a Global Gateway, featuring a range of solutions and strategies for international schools dealing with rapid changes in a globalised world. 

At the heart of all FIEC’s work is a commitment to Good Practice and enhancing excellence in schools, according to both their individual missions and Government Legislation.  This is backed up by the organisation’s core vision, mission and values:

  • Enthusiasm, passion, world knowledge and ability to operate at all levels and according to the individual needs of schools and students.
  • Vision, Inspiration, Innovation and Commitment to international students.
  • Extensive appreciation of the complexities of the human considerations as well as the regulations associated with educating international students in Australia.
  • Holistic approach and practical strategies that cater for the school’s landscape, structures and policies.
  • Celebration of Multiculturalism, Global Citizenship, and Inter-Culturalism within the whole school.

FIEC provides services across all facets of International Education. Student Welfare is of the utmost priority, and FIEC works with school staff to ensure the students well-being and welfare needs are met at all times. The organisation’s Intensive English and International Programs involve working closely with English language teachers, staff and administrators on documentation, establishment, and implementation of these programs.

Intensive work is undertaken in the recruitment and selection of suitable students, with a focus on retaining international students at the school until the end of secondary study. Emilia and her team work closely with school and university staff to ensure all documentation meets the required 

Government and State Guidelines, while carefully recruited Education Agents work both locally and internationally to ensure a thorough understanding of all the required documentation to enter selected schools.  

Emilia has developed a wide and ever-increasing network of education professionals around Australia and globally to ensure as wide a reach as possible, and FIEC also offers an impressive range of marketing and promotional materials to showcase each school’s individuality and exclusivity. 

Praise for Emilia and her work has been glowing, as evidenced by this small sample of testimonials:

 Testimonial 1 

“…I have no reservations in endorsing Mrs Fields’ new venture, and I trust that her talents and passion are now accessible to all…..”

Testimonial 2

“…….Emilia formed a wide network of colleagues across Australia and throughout Asia and beyond. She acquired an extensive appreciation of the complexities of the human considerations, as well as the regulations associated with the education of international students in Australia. She was widely sought out for her knowledge and advice and highly respected among Immigration Agents, International Student Promoters, Government Agencies, International Student Educators, families of students and home-stay providers…”

Testimonial 3

“ ….I strongly support her running her own Consulting Business as she is a real expert in Australian International Education. She will contribute to this industry with her talents and rich experience in Marketing, International Education and Student Welfare…. Emilia is my model. I am so impressed by her enthusiasm and capability through my many years working with her…”

Testimonial 4

“…Mrs. Fields was a pillar of strength not only to the Home Stay Parents but also to the teachers and other staff members dealing with International Students. The English Language Bridging School at Nazareth College was also initiated by Mrs. Fiends and this led to the increase of international student enrolments..…I wish her success in her new venture and I know she will shine because of her dedication and enthusiasm…”

Testimonial 5 

“… Mrs Fields was my teacher. She was really kind, generous and loving to me and the rest of the students. Mrs Fields is my hero…”

Emilia is clearly dedicated to her calling in life, walking the walk as well as talking the talk. She explained, “I strongly believe that education is the most important investment in a child’s life, and it can have a “ripple effect” that leads to a balanced adulthood. International Education helps us move forward towards a global economy and international cooperation, and it is a catalyst for global intercultural development.”

To find out more about Emilia and FIEC, visit www.fiec.com.au