Whilst studying Biology at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, 22 year old Davide Staedler founded TIBIO, a consulting company for scientific challenges.  More than a decade on, award winning TIBIO has grown exponentially under Davide’s guidance and leadership.  

Established in 2009, TIBIO was initially designed to specialise in the scale-up processing of cultures of microorganisms for the production of enzymes and organisms able to catalyse chemical reactions, including the degradation of pollutants. As the years progressed and the company gained experience in the industrialisation of the biotech process, TIBIO’s activities shifted from pure production and application of biotech products, to consulting services in biotechnology and chemistry.

TIBIO :  Its Services and Clientele

Today, Davide and the TIBIO team propose two unique services. The first is selling and applying their own biotech-solutions, such as the patented ODB System for the decontamination of dielectric oils in industries. The second service TIBIO provides is offering businesses pure consulting services. In the main, TIBIO’s growing database of clients tend to fall into two categories. Half of its clients are start-ups in the chemistry and life sciences sector who require support for the industrialisation of their own process, whilst the other half are well-established companies or state businesses which either want to externalise a number of research and development activities in biotech and chemistry, or are interested in TIBIO’s biotech products.

A Customer Oriented Approach with Comprehensive Management 

TIBIO have adopted a customer-oriented approach to their service, as they focus on the development of high-quality, custom-made and cost-effective scientific solutions. The consulting services consistently delivered by the team are fully comprehensive and include scientific aspects conforming to regulatory requirements. In addition to these unique services on offer, a further strength of the firm is the highly qualified specialists and their international network. 

During the early stages of a project, when the client has approached TIBIO for scientific support, the team take into account two fundamental points. They are to provide appropriate and relevant high-level scientific specialists and, most importantly, they take time to listen carefully to the customer. This approach affirms they truly understand and can characterise the issue behind their request. It must be noted, however that the overall success of a scale-up or application in life sciences often depends on certain key details. If a new customer ask TIBIO for one of the firm’s own products, for instance the ODB System, the approach is based on a fully comprehensive management of the situation. However, the firm’s approach in general is based on three simple steps: listen and understand the needs, identify key steps and to fully take control of the issue.

Commercial and Academic Success

Paving the way and leading by example is award-winning biotechnology consulting CEO, Davide Staedler.  At the tender age of 22, whilst studying Biology at Lausanne University, he founded TIBIO – indeed an impressive accomplishment for someone so young. Following establishing this successful business, Davide then obtained a Master of Sciences in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of Lausanne, followed by deservedly earning a doctorate (PhD) in organic chemistry from the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) (Lausanne).

If all of this was not impressive enough, Davide has also enjoyed success in both an industrial and academic setting. In addition to his role as CEO of TIBIO, in 2015, he was appointed as Chief Scientific Officer of the Scitech Research laboratory, one of the most important analytical laboratories in Switzerland. On the academic front, Davide was appointed Lecturer at the Faculty for Biology and Medicine of the University of Lausanne in 2014. In 2019 he was appointed Private Docent in Pharmacology and Toxicology at the same University.

Mentoring, Leadership and Corporate Strategy  

Aside from accumulating an impressive wealth of experience and knowledge, Davide is heavily involved in mentoring and supporting start-ups. As a member of the Board at Levatura, – a Swiss start-up company specialising in the production of custom-made yeasts for the beer and alimentary industry – he also supports foundations like the Association Fiordaliso (helping children in Switzerland) and the Blackwash Foundation – a Swiss foundation for research into orphan diseases.

David bases his leadership style on effective collaboration, taking time to fully listen and share ideas with his team, and considers that respect for a leader is gained from a combination of  their experience and knowledge. However, his vision is not imposed but rather based on evidence and common objectives.

When Davide founded TIBIO in  2009, this was immediately after the 2008 financial crisis and therefore the economic situation was still difficult. Moreover, the firm initially started with green solutions which, unfortunately, were further impacted by the crisis. During this time, Davide learned some valuable lessons from the post-crisis situation. For instance, the importance to have a flexible structure in terms of custom-oriented solutions.

 Ongoing Challenges and Future Aspirations

Since TIBIO operates within niche and high-tech sectors, its main challenge – and one Davide has encountered throughout his career to date – is to remain sufficiently flexible to meet the evolving needs of customers and to remain up-to-date with any changes. To this end, the team at TIBIO collaborates closely with Universities and even have their own internal research and development activities. The firm’s strategy is to meet customers during specific events, in which they present their solutions and services – the key element behind TIBIO’s winning strategy is scientific excellence.

Ultimately, the team at TIBIO strive for scientific excellence in all aspects of their work. As for Davide, whilst he has no concrete plans for the years to come, his aim is to continue to deliver an unparalleled service, setting an example for those seeking to replicate a success similar to his own. Signing off, Davide reveals how he hopes to build upon his extraordinary accomplishments to date.

“I do not have a defined plan, instead I like to observe and take opportunities when they arise. The challenge is to be able to rapidly evaluate if an opportunity should be seized. Currently, we are working in a fast-evolving world. As such, the ability to understand the “movement of the waves” and to adapt the activities as rapidly as possible is, in my opinion, the key to success.”

Further information on TIBIO and the ODB system – an innovative system for the treatment of oil filled cables in situ, thus eliminating the need for expensive and complex removal methods – can be found at  www.tibio.ch  www.odbsystem.ch

Contact Details 

Company: TIBIO Sagl

Address: Via alla Valle 11, 6949 Comano, Switzerland

Telephone: +41 919 406 331