Synopsis: Tarnish Me Not is a New York based company that’s revolutionizing the jewelry industry. Here we discuss how the company was born and learn how the founders’ entrepreneurial spirit is changing the jewelry industry on a global scale.

When three friends first set out to run their own jewelry store, they could never have predicted that just a few years later they would be heading up a global revolution. But that’s exactly what happened to the co-founders and owners of Tarnish-Me-Not, recently named among Business Worldwide Magazine’s “20 Most Innovative Companies To Watch, 2020”.

Tarnish-Me-Not offers a sustainable solution to a common problem in the jewelry market, with a  unique, patented formula that prevents metal from tarnishing and protects skin from irritation.  It was formed by Tatiana Tara Arslanouk, Tina Mamkegh and Sina Mamkegh, who have always been entrepreneurs. Setting up their own jewelry boutique in New Jersey straight after high school, they quickly built up a reputation for niche statement pieces. Their store, Eye Candy Boutique, sold jewelry crafted by designers and manufactures from around the world. 

Identifying a big problem 

When customers began asking questions about what the jewelry was made of and any allergens, it soon became clear how little information was available about the manufacturing process. The deeper they dug, the more the trio noticed a distinct lack of regulation in the industry – not just in the USA but around the world. 

It transpired that manufacturers and retailers are able to label their jewelry as “nickel free” if it contains less than 5% nickel. For customers who, like Sina, have a bad reaction to nickel, even a tiny amount can cause red, irritated skin that makes the jewelry unwearable. With over 60 million people in America alone suffering from a metal allergy, that’s a big problem.

But that wasn’t the only thing. Metal jewelry is notorious for changing colour and turning skin green, and this is when Tatiana’s love for chemistry really came into play. She set about finding a solution that enabled customers to wear the jewelry they love without worrying irritation or discolouration, and after four years of extensive research and development Tarnish-Me-Not was born.

The Tarnish-Me-Not solution

The entrepreneurs’ groundbreaking product is dermatologist tested and approved, and really simple to use.  The handy spray is completely clear and can be applied to any metal jewelry, instantly preserving its looks and ensuring the wearer doesn’t come out in hives. It’s also 100% cruelty free and comes with a pleasant lavender scent.

Today, the company has customers all over the world and is the leading authority in protecting against tarnish, irritation and discoloration. The patented jewelry coating is available in over 30 independent retailers in the USA and Canada, as well as online at Amazon, Etsy and the Tarnish-Me-Not website.  It’s being sold to large scale manufacturers and jewelry designers are pre-coating their pieces with the resin based spray, further cementing the company’s name as a game changer in the industry.

The product has been recommended on Vogue’s Most Wanted page, won the title of Best Cruelty-free Jewelry Care Product of 2019’ in LUX life Magazine and featured in the Startup Evolution Curve: Marketing Manual by Dr. Donatas Jonikas, Ph.D. More recently the company has launched 100% cotton, branded polishing cloths and is soon launching a new Polish & Coating Service.

Tarnish-Me-Not is the only patented jewelry coating that has been proven to protect metal and skin. The clear barrier is waterproof, non-yellowing, UV resistant and completely free from the harsh, abrasive chemicals that are usually found in jewellery cleaning products and coatings. It’s also been approved by the Departments of Dermatology and Toxicology.

Looking to the future, the team are keen to further challenge the lax standards in the metal industry, working with the US government to ensure manufacturers will be required by law to apply a coating of Tarnish-Me-Not to all their metal products. By giving customers more choice and ensuring the longevity of metal jewelry, there will be obvious benefits to the US economy too.

A bright future 

As a 100% woman owned company, Tarnish-Me-Not is the perfect example of women succeeding in what has been a traditionally male dominated field. This is a company built on passion, positivity and determination, with all three focused on the company’s success and refusing to take no for an answer. Despite their youth, these are formidable women who took the decision to control their own destinies and push themselves to achieve their full potential – solving a global problem in the process.

Ever since the very early days of their jewelry boutique, the team have been committed to providing the best possible service for their customers and going above and beyond expectations. That’s why they made it their mission to ensure that their jewelry could be worn by everyone – even those with hyper sensitive skin.  They understood right from the outset that trust is everything, and that customers need peace of mind that the products they buy are safe and well made. 

Setting standards that put customers first

Tatiana explained the importance of setting universal standards for the jewelry industry, “Our goal is to empower consumers to make more informed decisions on the jewelry they are purchasing. We would like to see a clear set of definitions to describe each alloy that is commonly used in jewelry. The trending names for these alloys can be very misleading to the consumer and insinuate a higher content of precious metals. There are so many moving parts in our industry’s supply chain. Setting universal regulations in place will ensure that everyone is playing by the same rule book, with full transparency. To help achieve this, we plan to provide every jewelry manufacturer with our protective coating to ensure that all metals adhere to the regulations set forth in the Global Jewelry Industry.”

As well as being trailblazers in their field, Tarnish-Me-Not is also a partner of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, donating $1.00 for every item sold. To find out more about company, its history and the range of products available, visit