Head of Mexico based digital marketing agency Sección Amarilla has won two 2020 Business Worldwide CEO Awards.  Benjamin Podoswa Schwaycer spoke to us about why the Covid-19 pandemic has made his work more important than ever.

As all business leaders know only too well, Covid-19 has has had a huge impact on the global economy and the way everyone works. Companies everywhere are under enormous pressure, and the key to survival is held in the digital world. This unprecedented global pandemic has led to the total disappearance of many of the channels businesses used to communicate with potential customers and partners. B2B companies in particular rely on annual trade shows and exhibitions to demonstrate their wares and do important business networking. And for those who depend on footfall and face to face interactions, the loss of familiar working practices has been particularly devastating.

The Key To Survival 

Sección Amarilla is one company that’s helping SMBs survive these challenging times and become strong competitors in the digital marketplace. And now the company’s CEO, Benjamin Podoswa Schwaycer, has won two 2020 Business Worldwide CEO Awards in honour of his dedication to helping businesses build a strong online presence. Benjamin has been named ‘Best CEO in Mexico’s Advertising Industry’ and ‘Digital Business Transformation CEO of the Year – Mexico’, demonstrating the company’s ever growing reputation as a leader in its field. 

The main purpose of Sección Amarilla is to help businesses get found by potential customers, by empowering them to build their best possible digital marketing platform. The digital marketing agency specialises in supporting smaller businesses with their online strategies, offering a range of services to help them build a strong online presence. 

Mexico has been particularly badly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic – at the time of writing there have been 47, 910 reported deaths and 58,688 positive cases. This makes Mexico the fourth worst affected country in Latin America, after Brazil, Peru and Chile, but the government has come under fire for being slow to respond and not taking robust enough measures to stop the spread of the virus. It’s been a time of great uncertainty and anxiety, also impacting hugely on the country’s finances. The economy dropped sharply in the first quarter of the year, and many Mexicans believe the impact of the virus on their daily lives and finances will last for many months to come. Concerns about the wellbeing and safety of their families has led many people to shift from visiting physical shops to going online instead, which is why it’s so important for businesses to have a strong internet presence.

Moving Forward Together 

The knowledge and experience of Benjamin and his team, combined with the range of services available, means customers are able to respond to these unprecedented changes quickly and efficiently. The company is dedicated to helping business owners not only survive, but to thrive, offering highly effective digital solutions at an affordable price. 

Services include website design and management packages, including the registration of new domains, adaptive web and mobile capabilities, e-commerce shopping carts and SEO. This is a particularly important solution for businesses who already have a website but are struggling to get seen on Google, and can mean the difference between being completely overlooked and becoming the go-to company in their fields. 

Sección Amarilla also provides customers with detailed insights into how their websites are performing, combined with easy to manage contacts databases and targeted email marketing campaigns. A range of other features are available too for an improved customer experience, including digital coupons as purchase incentives. And everything can be seamlessly integrated into social media networks as another way to build relationships and promote products and services. 

Sección Amarilla’s presence couldn’t have come at a better time for struggling business owners. It’s not just small companies that have found themselves in trouble since the dawn of Coronavirus – large corporations are also losing millions through cancelled events and lockdown measures. This means that organisations of all sizes are stopping to rethink how to manage their marketing budgets, looking at everything from updating their websites to partnering with social media influencers.

Being stuck at home, rather than attending daily meetings and events, has forced business leaders to reconsider the way they connect with potential customers, and this is something Benjamin and his team excel in. Their approach is to gain a deep understanding of how each organisation works, and what their ideal customer is looking for.  As well as providing a much needed lifeline for SMBs who have been badly hit by the effects of the pandemic, Sección Amarilla can also help larger organisations gain a new perspective on how to get the most out of their digital marketing strategies. 

The Importance of Global Recognition In An Online World

Benjamin explained how the company is making such a big difference during these challenging times, what the BWM awards mean to him, and his plans for the future: 

 “ Sección Amarilla is playing a very important role right now in the time of Coronavirus. We are totally oriented to help our customers, most of whom are SMB´S and at huge risk of losing their companies. It has been very heartening to see so many of my customers competing with others, doing business online and actually growing in sales during lockdown. We provide quality services that have been very important during this period and will also help customers move forward towards a brighter future. 

These BWM awards are for me a recognition of my efforts,  but it’s my customers  who are the winners. As a CEO of a company that’s seen some huge challenges and played an important role in helping the  Mexican economy, I´m feeling very proud. It’s great to be recognised in a world of such enormous changes, and also to be named among so many competitors and impressive business people. 

Over the coming years I see myself  helping more companies solve their transformation challenges, which is a key issue in how all businesses will operate in this new reality. I don’t think it’s possible for any company to survive without a professional,  high level digital transformation, so I am proud to be a part of their continued success.”You can find out more about Sección Amarilla on the company website : https://www.Secciónamarilla.com.mx/