Sustainable investments, dynamic wealth creation and bespoke corporate structures have placed Tactical Management at the forefront of the strategic investment management support sector. Raphael Nagel, General Manager, discusses the role of his enterprising organisation and its achievements.

Tactical Management is an independent award-winning Private Equity, Multi-Family Office and Corporate Structuring organisation based in Dubai.

The business operates across on these three fundamental divisions providing strategic investment management support in challenging environments.  

In today’s robust economy the ability to acquire diverse, sustainable investment portfolios relies on detailed due diligence, expert analysis and in-depth market knowledge. Having established 27 projects which have opened markets for 1784 jobs and created US $749 million in investments across nine countries since its inception, Tactical Management is one of the respected market leaders.

Raphael Nagel, investment guru, published author, and General Manager of Tactical Management talks to us about the unique approach of his organization, social responsibility, global warming initiatives, areas for potential growth, and ways in which Tactical Management benefits clients, communities and the environment.

How does Tactical Management’s approach to investment differ from that of its competitors?

We firmly believe there are multiple contributing factors at play here.  Firstly, the secret of success for any organization is an effective team. Tactical Management has a dedicated and motivated team of highly specialized professionals who not only understand the markets, but are finely attuned to acknowledge associated risks, hazards and mitigation techniques. Our expertise is our driving force.

Secondly, each business opportunity is assessed from a social responsibility and sustainability perspective. Our aim is to create long-term added value for both clients and communities, and in doing this we provide a customized service.

It’s also essential to keep abreast of market developments, learn from your competitors and to consider each project opportunity as a step along a journey of improvement. Being totally independent means we can ask relevant questions, think outside the box and discover hidden potential.

You touched on the importance of social responsibility and sustainability there, could you share with us any examples of how Tactical Management are benefiting communities?

As part of our company mission statement, we focus on investments which improve quality of life and the health and wellbeing of society. Notable projects have included the construction of social housing in Ecuador, where we received agricultural land to convert into an urban environment. The population benefits through social wellbeing and we’ve been able to achieve favorable economic returns for our investors.

We’re also particularly active in projects related to water, and are currently working on a filtration project which will generate benefits to citizens and the environment.

Equally important, and increasingly a topical concern, is global warming and climate change. What is Tactical Management’s stance on this subject?

Global warming and its irreversible impact on our environment is of course high on our sustainability agenda. We’re aware that the use of fossil fuels will play a far more insignificant role in the not too distant future, and would actively encourage investors to look towards the solar industry and renewable technology as a viable alternative. Tactical Management does in fact helping to contribute the use of solar panels to energy projects, introducing to our investors solid investment whilst reducing the carbon footprint.

Which geographical jurisdictions do you think have been overlooked by investors, yet may well produce good returns in the future?

Undoubtedly, we’re experiencing tremendous change, fueled by the advancement of technology, currently evidenced via connected technologies, automation and the new era of Industry 4.0 revolutionizing industries.  This has led us to focus on areas as diverse as Europe, Africa and Latin America.  Despite an abundance of natural resources and a growing young population, the latter two continents have traditionally been underdeveloped but do represent significantly growth potential. We are currently targeting Ecuador as country rich in opportunities for infrastructure, energy and agricultural projects, but continually seeking new investment potential on a wider, global scale.  In addition, Latin America is increasing its economic and commercial ties with the United Arab Emirates, presenting challenging infrastructural issues across various industry sectors. It’s an interesting space to focus on for the future. 

Could you expand further on which industry sectors are promising for future growth?

Tactical Management are predominantly focused on the water industry.  Statistics indicate that 2.8 billion people live in areas with severe water deficiencies, and consumption is set to increase 85 per cent by 2035. We’ve participated in several projects in relation to this, from financing to distribution and understand the water industry as a sector with vast investment potential.

Demand for food is also a challenging sector in view of a global population which is anticipated to .understand y ngur investors solid investment whilsttitors who agrees with the credit line and stuck up with the default paymentreach 9.7 billion by 2035. The effects of climate change will undoubtedly place extra burdens on both food for human consumption and the animal feed sector.

Further areas of interest are hospitality – hotels and tourism. The tourism sector has experienced the largest economic growth in recent years, typically at four per cent per year, and has witnessed the creation of one out of five jobs worldwide. Tactical Management has advised buyers in relation to acquisitions within the tourism sector in the Iberian Peninsula. Greece, Italy and Switzerland as well as Latin America.

We are also actively involved in business transactions in the manufacturing industries relating to food, textiles, paper, construction materials, etc., obtaining interesting opportunities for acquirers and resulted to saving numerous jobs. 

Do you have any words of advice for potential investors?

Good investment takes time and patience – all too often companies are interested in making money quickly and fail to understand that investment is a financial journey.  It is based on understanding markets and the associated risks and then being able to manage those risks. I’d say that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is, and to walk away from any investment which doesn’t make sense.

Tactical Management also offer an extensive range of customized services, including its Multi-Family Office where they work on a bespoke “service delivery model”.  Also, offering Secretarial Services covering governance and compliance from set-up to liquidisation, company formation and management services with regards to legal, economic substance and business issues.  In depth industry news, further information on the services provided within Tactical Management’s three business divisions, together with contact details can be found on the company website –