Melbourne’s Nazareth College has gained global recognition for its diverse curriculum and outstanding commitment to cultural diversity. Here we read about its history, current programs and plans for the future.

Adolescence is a notoriously challenging time in which young people undergo a multitude of significant changes, as they begin to question their place in the world. It’s well known that if children are to achieve their full potential, they need access to quality education, opportunities and encouragement, but this isn’t always the case. One Co-Ed school in Australia is renowned for the devotion and kindness it shows to its students, all of whom are encouraged to become the best versions of themselves through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Nazareth College in Melbourne is a highly supportive Co-Educational environment which fosters the development of interpersonal skills, and where students are nurtured through their journey from childhood to the late teens. The College encourages its young people to respect and celebrate each other’s differences and work alongside peers of both genders, learning important people skills along the way. By the time they reach Year 12, they are well equipped to continue their journeys into the world of work and further education as courteous, respectful and responsible individuals.

The College attracts students both locally and internationally and has a sound reputation for safety, academic excellence and student wellbeing. It is dedicated to providing young people with the opportunities they need to achieve their full potential academically, spiritually and socially. The highly successful local and international programs have gained recognition from peers all over the world since it first opened its doors. Starting with 140 year 7 students, just 6 portable classrooms and 11 members of staff, Nazareth has gone from strength to strength and is now among the most highly regarded educational facilities in Melbourne. As one of Australia’s most linguistically and culturally diverse schools, the College demonstrates a high level of cultural sensitivity towards diversity, race and religion. 

Nazareth College has been running an excellent International Education Program, which attracts students from Asia and Europe, for more than 25 years. The challenging curriculum has been designed to provide a wide range of learning experiences for each student and ensures students are fully immersed and enjoy their learning. Throughout the entire campus there is a great sense of calm and serenity – the result of a loving, inclusive environment with a strong commitment to pastoral care.

The College also offers an exceptional Bridging English course for students for whom English is not the first language, as well as programs in several other languages. In the past eighteen months alone, the International Student Program welcomed 54 new young people from other countries. This figure is expected to grow year on year, as extensive partnerships are being developed around the world.

There is a comprehensive Homestay Program which seeks families who can offer a happy and welcoming environment for students. Homestay families provide accommodation, meals and a caring Australian family setting to ensure students have the very best care and support during their stay. The College places a high priority on the needs of the International students, supporting them with modern technology facilities and state of the arts resources.

Nazareth is a vibrant learning centre where all students’ contributions are explored, valued and acted upon. As part of the highly personalised approach to learning, all students are presented with the opportunity to apply for the accelerated learning Laurel Program, Applied Learning Courses and extensive sporting, social, academic and musical activities. The College has recently introduced Soccer and Basketball Schools of Excellence, both of which have further enhanced its reputation both within the local community and beyond.

The entire learning community at Nazareth is centered around the teachings of Jesus Christ, and this deep commitment to the Catholic faith is echoed throughout the College. Through learning in the Catholic tradition, a culture of Faith, Wisdom and Knowledge is nurtured, and young people are equipped with the essential skills they need to contribute valuably to their communities. The Nazareth College crest symbolizes the school’s unity as pioneers in education.

Nazareth College is a portal to personalised learning, educational choices and opportunities where teachers genuinely care about students’ academic achievements and personal welfare. It readily embraces changes in government education regulations, notably recent developments that have enabled students to commence their studies in Year 7 and finish in Year 12.

Emilia Fields, pictured, was the College’s Director Global Innovation – International Programs. She has now gone on to start her own consultancy, Fields International Education Consulting (FIEC) –  a role which will encapsulate her experience as a global expert in the field of international teaching programs.

Moving forward, Nazareth College will continue to develop its international partnerships and cement its place in the world as a leading Co-Educational College. This is an exciting time for the young people of Nazareth College, who will no doubt go on to achieve great things in their respective fields and become valued members of society.