Nigeria’s rapidly growing real estate and infrastructure sector has benefited through the pioneering work of Global PFI. Dr MKO Balogun, MD and CEO  tells us about this pioneering company and its success. 

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Global PFI now operates across the African continent with offices in eight different countries (Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Senegal, Rwanda, Cote d’Ivoire and Cameroon) and boasts a global workforce of more than 250.

Since its inception in 2002, Global PFI’s rise to prominence has been significant. Notably the first facilities management company in Nigeria, this ground breaking business currently has a total portfolio of more than 1.8 million sq.m of building space under its management. Global PFI has modernised Africa’s real estate management industry by offering a range of services rivalling those of any established economy. Here, Dr MKO Balogun, MD and CEO, gives us an insight into his award winning company and how it helps owners and developers across Nigeria and beyond make the most of their property investments.

Could you give us a brief overview of Global PFI, the type of work it carries out and its range of clients?   

Global PFI is a pioneering facilities management company with a growing footprint of operations across Africa.  The company’s objective is to provide first rate services to property owners, investors and developers at competitive prices, whilst delivering value and helping its clients to expand. The range of services provided is extensive and encompasses the comprehensive facilities management role required from the prestigious corporates, banking institutions and governmental facilities it serves.

Global PFI provide a complete service package to clients which takes care of everything within their buildings, including leasing management and marketing, as well as tailor made service plans, including the project management and optimisation of janitorial, health and safety, air conditioning, energy, security, firefighting, hospitality, integrated solutions and training / consultancy.

Why is good facilities management vital to the long term success of any company?

Good facilities management is more than merely a ‘nice to have’ element.  It’s a strategic and compliance necessity which minimises risk and brings results.

At Global PFI we believe there are many reasons why good facilities management is integral to the success of any organisation regardless of the sector it operates in.

First impressions count – a well-maintained premises creates a positive impact on clients and visitors to your building.  It enhances your reputation.   Coupled with this, it improves employee morale, thus boosting productivity.  Good facilities management is about making your public space work for you rather than against you.

We also believe that facilities are the greatest asset of an organisation.  Dedicated facilities management understands individual business needs and implements technologies to enable faster and more efficient ways of working,  It also ensures a  building has adequate heating, lighting, ventilation and utility services which are cost effective and regularly maintained.  This frees up existing staff to focus on other duties and guarantees organisations are compliant with complex health and safety  regulations.

How have Global PFI led the way in innovation across facilities management in Nigeria and its neighbouring African countries?

While some of our competitors may rest on their laurels and rely on systems and processes they introduced many years ago to manage their properties, Global PFI realise the importance of staying up to date with technology and using this to its greatest advantage. We’ve incorporated robotics into management systems, installed future-proof monitoring systems and we’re leading the way in sustainability with ‘green’ solutions.  Arguably, this has been an area which Africa has been slower to adopt than many other parts of the world.  Global PFI see ourselves as pioneers in a green space with a responsibility to implement and educate ethically moral procedures.  Taking the time to reduce carbon footprints, recycle, reuse and reduce waste has both an environmental impact and a cost saving effect.  Corporate social responsibility matters.  It demonstrates to employees, customers, suppliers and the  community that as an organisation you value your environment, are keen to invest in it and drive positive change.

Clearly Global PFI are a socially conscious, innovative organisation, but what would you consider to be the main contributors to its success?

The old adage ‘the customer is king’ remains relevant in today’s fast paced business world and especially so in the facility management sector. If the customer is not satisfied with the services being provided, this reflects on the facilities management personnel.

Good communication, acting on feedback, giving the customer a designated point of contact and keeping all parties informed of progress, issues and strategies are key to good customer relationship management.  Global PFI appreciate and value the importance of building great customer relationships.  It’s central to all we do.  We see our clients businesses as an extension of our own and we work together as a partnership.

We have an impressive list of high profile clients across all sectors of industry and we’re fully equipped to cope with the most demanding and challenging environments.  Our objective, whilst providing cost effective facility management solutions, will always be focused around giving top class levels of service and maintaining excellent customer relationships.

Additionally, we believe the secret to success lies within our own workforce.  Global PFI recognise the long term importance of education, adequate remuneration, incentives, and giving our employees a voice to contribute to the business.  This is reflected in our low level turnover of staff and a reputation for excellence as a valued employer.

And finally, your thoughts for the future of Global PFI within the facility management sector?

To continue to innovate, create solutions and value and support our clients and employees.

To adapt to the increasing needs of a demanding industry, Global PFI will focus on developing our capabilities, particularly through service automation and robotics.  Whilst maintaining and improving on the quality of our service, we will seek to contribute to the economical growth of the countries in which we operate.

Our vision is to be the principle real estate management business across Africa.  To achieve this we must remain true to our core values of trust and ethical practices through focusing on sustainability, and demonstrating the value we place on establishing effective long term partnerships with our clients.

Further details on the services provided by Global PFI together with contact points for the eight countries it has an office presence within can be found at